Sex Therapy Ward DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price
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Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Sex Therapy Ward” Medical And Hospital Fetish Porn DVD
Buy “Sex Therapy Ward” DVD Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Hardcore Doctor And Nurse Porn DVD

Rock star Alex Sanders and movie star Yvonne are two celebrities that check into Mercy Hospital’s Sex Therapy Ward. But the sex-crazed staff is finding it difficult leaving them alone long enough to get the rest and relaxation they need. No condoms were used in this film.

Scene One: Yvonne and Vixxxen: Nurse Vixxxen goes to check on Yvonne in her room. The girls exchange kisses and Yvonne lays Vixxxen down on the bed then removes her stockings. Yvonne licks her bare feet and sucks her toes before going down to lick her her pierced and studded labia. Vixxxen then goes down on Yvonne. Next, she brings out a pink vibrator and begins to pump Yvonne's pussy with it. Yvonne moans with delight in her very sexy English accent. Vixxen assumes the doggy position so that Yvonne can return the favor.

Scene Two: J.R. Carrington and Alex Sanders: Rock star Alex Sanders is resting in his room when Nurse J.R. Carrington enters and locks the door. She. takes her bra off and Alex sucks on her nipples and enhanced boobs. She pulls his hard cock out of his silk pajama pants and greedily sucks on it. Alex lays her on her back, removes her white panties, and begins to eat her shaved pussy. In a rather commanding mood, J,R. orders Alex to spit on her pussy and then finger fuck her. He sucks her clitoris as he thrusts his finger in and out of her hole. With Alex's head still planted between her thighs, J.R. removes her white pumps and stockings. "Are you going to fuck me?" she asks, just before they enjoy some missionary sex action. Alex feverishly pounds away and she begs for more. It continues as she turns onto her belly. J.R. asks if he wants to fuck her ass. How could he say no? You can hear her quietly ask him to be gentle before he slips his dick into her backdoor.

Scene Three: Yvonne and Marc Davis: Yvonne is led by a nurse into a private room at the hospital to meet with the doctor, played by fellow Brit Marc Davis. He starts to show her some X-rays but then things become more personal. They kiss and Marc sucks her tits. Yvonne unzips his pants and pulls out his semi-erect cock. While Marc takes off his shirt she gives him a nice blow job, complete with pleasurable slurping noises. She turns around on all fours and sticks her ass out invitingly. Marc buries his face between her butt cheeks to suck on the wet folds of her pussy. He inserts a finger for good measure. Then two. After a more muff massaging, Marc is ready to enter his patient. He pulls back the massive foreskin on his cock and slips it into Yvonne's moist pussy slit for some steady doggy fucking. To missionary with one of her legs over Marc's shoulder. Yvonne repeatedly moans, "Oh God!" He climbs up on the table to titty fuck her and jerks off until he spurts his cum in her mouth.

Scene Four: Christina West and Kyle Stone: Trashy looking Christina is feeling horn, so she corners the dim-witted orderly, Kyle, in the hall and drags him into the utility room. They both undress and Christina blows Kyle’s cock. She climbs up  a ladder and he eats her pussy, then turns her around so he can lick her tight asshole. She climbs down and he slips his cock into her pussy from behind. They lay on the floor for some missionary action. Kyle gets up and stands over her for the money shot. Slow motion is used while he shoots his load on her beaver. She sits up to gratefully suck on his slippery cock.

Scene Five: Rebecca Lord and Alex Sanders: Sexy nurse Rebecca leads rock star Alex into the doctor's private office so he can avoid his groupies. She is unable to resist his charms. Rebecca pulls her dress down and sucks Alex's cock while he is still wearing pajamas. He removes her bra. There is a great close-up of Rebecca's stunning blue eyes staring lustfully at Alex as she deep throats him. He then gets on his knees behind Rebecca, who is kneeling on the couch, and plants his face in her crack to lick her erect clitoris. He then stands up, drops his silk trousers, and fucks her pussy from behind. There is some great positioning as Rebecca lays flat on her stomach and Alex moves up to sit over her ass and thrust away inside her. He works up to some heavy pounding and Rebecca squirms, moaning with pleasure and sucking her fingers. She turns on her back and is in pure ecstacy as he delivers his ejaculation on her.

There are many exciting things about Sex Therapy Ward. The young Rebecca Lord is really beautiful in her pre-condom days of the mid 1990’s. Her sex scene with Alex Sanders is one of her all-time best. However, it is closely rivaled by J.R. Carrington's anal. What a lucky man Alex Sanders was to get to fuck both these porn superstars in this film. Also on display is a younger Marc Davis, before he shaved his head and gained the extra pounds. Sex Therapy Ward is a investment overall, specially now that it is on re-mastered DVD.

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Sex Therapy Ward” Medical And Hospital Fetish Porn DVD
Sex Therapy Ward - Hardcore Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

What do you find in a Sex Therapy Ward? You get nymphomaniac nurses and horny doctors, a superstud rock star and a sex addicted movie legend. Two celebrities are checking into Mercy Hospital’s Sex Therapy Ward for rest and relaxation, but the nurses and doctors have unique methods of providing treatment. Their way of curing all ailments is sex, sex and even more sex! The newly admitted movie star eagerly enters the program just as the rock star's girlfriend arrives to visit. She just knows the lusty Sex Therapy Ward nurses are taking more than just temperatures. Throw in a horny orderly and the entire Sex Therapy Ward is fast approaching medical melt down.

Starring: Kyle Stone, Alex Sanders, Mark Davis, J.R. Carrington, Rebecca Lord, Vixxen
Director: Harold Lime and Jane Waters
Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment
ONLY $19.95
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