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Bedside Manner DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price
Buy Mark Dorcel’s “Bedside Manner” DVD Online : Medical Fetish Porn DVD - Deviant Medical Sex Porn DVD
Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Bedside Manner” Hardcore Hospital Porn Movie On Re-Mastered DVD
Buy Mark Dorcel’s “Bedside Manner” DVD Online : Medical Fetish Porn DVD - Deviant Medical Sex Porn DVD

Marc Dorcel’s Bedside Manner aka Nurses From Behind aka Infirmières Par Derrière features plenty of hot European sex action with very little spoken dialogue to get in the way. The video quality of this DVD is superb and is even better in High Definition.

Scene 1: This begins the way most  Marc Dorcel's porn productions begin. It shows the outside view of a European hospital before focusing attention on a doctor who entered a room in the clinic and conversed with a female nurse who was sitting behind a desk. After a brief display of emotions the doctor stands up, and starts stripping off all his clothes. The scantily clad nurse joins him and seizes the opportunity for a sexual encounter.

The blonde haired nurse starts off with a blowjob, and handjob combo. After this oral engagement the nurse rides the doctors cock reverse cowgirl style while he sits in one of the office chairs. This goes on for a decent amount of time, and includes a lot of moaning from the nurse. When she is through riding the doctor she bends over the office desk for a doggy style penetration. It's a sexy segment that often shows close-ups of the penetration. As the scene progressives they engage in a couple more sex positions including a missionary/spooning position. In the end the doctor jerks off as he looks at the nurse who is sitting naked in the office chair. He comes all over her shoes and nylons.

Scene 2: In this scene the doctor is having a cigarette break on the stairwell, casually puffing away and looking a little stressed out. Luckily for him a very sexy blonde haired nurse happens by. She sits down beside him and takes a puff of his cigarette. After staring at the nurse briefly he lifts up her panties, and begins licking her pussy. The nurse returns the favor with a very impressive blowjob, often going deep on his cock.

They then have penetrative sex. To begin with the nurse rode the doctors cock in a reverse cowgirl fashion. Some spooning soon followed. The rest of the sex involved some anal penetrations. The first anal penetration was done in the spooning position as both lay on the staircase. It was a very sensual moment. The anal doggy style penetration was much more hardcore in nature though. The camera focused on close-ups during this portion of the scene. But viewers are also able to see the nurse from time to time instead of just her pussy and anus. In the end the nurse finished the doctor off by giving him a handjob. He came all over her hip as she leaned against the rails of the stairway.

Scene 3: The doctor from the first scene returns for some more sex action. In this scene he meets up with a nurse played by Aleska Diamond. They bump and grind in an empty patient's room before being interrupted by another female nurse. Without any hesitation Aleska walks over to the surprised brunette and guides her over to join them. The sex action really heats up when both nurses get down on their knees and deep throat the doctor's enormous cock. Aleska tried her best to deep throat all the way down to the his balls, but was only able to go halfway. This will  give you an idea of how massive the porn stud's cock was. Soon after Aleska begins sucking, the brunette nurse also gives it try. Like Aleska she attempts to deep throat his massive rod, but fails due to the size of it.

The penetrative sex was divided up into two sections. The first part focused on the brunette nurse as she got pounded doggy style. The cameraman did a good job on switching from close-up to distance perspectives. After getting banged doggy style the doctor and nurse lay on the bed to do some spooning. The second portion of the scene involved Aleska, who started off by riding the doctor's cock in an anal reverse cowgirl position as he lay on the bed. Anal spooning, and anal doggy style soon followed. To finish things off the doctor shot his cum all over the nurses faces as they rested on their knees in front of him.

Scene 4: During the scene's opening the camera focused on Abbie Cat who happens to be a patient. She isn't feeling well, and expresses this to the female nurse who arrives to check on her. The nurse begins to strip off all of Abbie's clothing beginning with her blouse. What follows is a very sensual sponge bath. After that the girls took turns at fingering and licking each other.

Scene 5: This scene involved a very horny nurse who had made her way into a ward where a male patient was resting. For some reason he had a large blackvibrating dildor in his bedside drawer. After discovering the dildo the nurse began pleasuring herself with it on the adjacent bed. The doctor from the first scene shows up once more to join in the sex action. The nurse, and doctor try their best to keep quite as the engage in some very heated sex. They explore everything from simple sex positions to some double penetrations. Anal sex also plays a very significant part in this scene. In the end the doctor comes all over the nurse's face and in her mouth.

Marc Dorcel’s Bedside Manner DVD definitely has a lot to offer when it comes to nurse and doctor role playing. Unlike most American doctor and nurse porn DVDs the director of Bedside Manner has stayed away from the cliche hospital sex scenarios. While cliche scenarios aren't always bad, they can be boring and repetitive. Every sex scene on this Bedside Manner DVD offers something entirely different. The sponge bath, lesbian sex, and even the stairway sex scene are good examples of this. As with most Marc Dorcel DVDs this one has a high quality production value. This Bedside Manner DVD is very good and worth buying. If you are into doctor and nurse role playing don't miss out on this one!

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “Bedside Manner” Hardcore Hospital Porn Movie On Re-Mastered DVD
Mark Dorcel’s Bedside Manner - Hardcore Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

Marc Dorcel’s Bedside Manner aka Nurses From Behind aka Infirmières Par Derrière stars nasty nurses with sexy bedside manners. These nympho nurses cureailments with hot sex and intense orgasms! The Bedside Manner of these sex crazed nurses involves sucking and fucking every man in sight to drain their balls of spunk using deep throated fellatio and intense, butt pounding sodomy. In hospital offices, in corridors, under the stairs or in patients’ rooms, these women in white blouses do not cease to have the most intense orgasms ever seen when they demonstrate their Bedside Manner.

Starring: Alex, Aleska Diamond, Cathy Heaven, Valentina Blue, Abbie Cat, Katalin, Lana, Frank Mayor, Bettina Dicapri
Director: Exopium / Herve Bodilis
Studio: Marc Dorcel Productions
ONLY $24.95
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