Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube - For Penis, Scrotum And Anus And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

Boy Butter Lube - Perfect for solo or mutual masturbation.

Boy Butter Lube - Perfect as a vaginal or anal lubricant.

Boy Butter Lube - Perfect as a lubricant and for promoting a vacuum for men who vacuum pump their penises, scrotums and anuses.

Brace yourself for pleasure - Boy Butter Personal Lubricant is spreading fast. Some male sexual pleasure lubricants become sticky and you have to keep reapplying them; some lubricants even linger on your private parts - and those of your sexual partner - for days after application.

After considerable research and testing, the perfect all-purpose sexual lubrication formula for men was discovered: an all-vegetable oil based product that is just like real butter.

Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube is a vegetable oil based cream that spreads like butter on your private parts and is water soluble for easy cleanup. It's great for hand or male sex toy masturbation, as well as vaginal or anal penetration. It is also recommended for use by male pumpers, who find that Boy Butter provides a perfect seal between the body and the vacuum suction cylinder.

Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube product features:

Odorless, safe, gentle, edible, great inside and out of the body.
Safe on rubber, glass and silicone-based toys.
Excellent lubricant for masturbation, anal and vaginal sex.
Perfect sealing medium for penis, scrotum and anus pumping,
3 year shelf life / no refrigeration required.
Not latex compatible - but polyurethane condoms are recommended.

Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube contains a unique long lasting formula, made from all natural vegetable oils. Boy Butter feels amazing while never spoiling and never needing refrigeration. Best of all, it is totally water soluble, washing off with just water. No soap required!

Note: Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube product may be used by massage therapists as a massage cream (because of the coconut oil). It is odorless and washes off easily from clients and fabrics.
Buy Churn Style ‘Boy Butter Lube’ Online For Easier Penis, Scrotum And Anus Vacuum Pumping Sex Pleasure

Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube Wikipedia Entry: “Boy Butter is a well known and very popularbrand of water-soluble, personal male lubricants from BBL LLC, introduced in 2002 by Eyal Feldman, a New York-based entrepreneur. Feldman created the vegetable oil and silicone fusion-based product he later termed Boy Butter. BBL LLC has no other staff than Feldman, who handles everything for the Boy Butter brand, including design, packaging, acting as the spokesperson and face of the product; he is almost always seen in Boy Butter's advertisements.”

Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube has both oil and silicone based ingredients and it's lasting power is awesome. Boy Butter cleans up with water only, leaves the skin soft, and will not stain fabrics.

Men who buy Boy Butter to aid epic masturbation sessions will probably end up with arms like the picture on the container. It definitely makes hand jobs easier and much more enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver. Boy Butter also is tasteless.

Boy Butter Lube Use

Boy Butter is butter - for Boys! Or Girls. Whoever needs something thick, slippery, and long lasting during masturbation. I recommend it for men only for a few reasons:

Women get yeast infections easily
Women get UTI's easily
Women get everything easily.

Nobody likes a dry hand job. Boy Butter, all dressed up like a real tub of butter, comes in handy and is ready to make your hand job as slippery as can be. It also works great for anal penetration, titty-fucking, and for the brave women; clitoral masturbation. I suppose you could even use this stuff for massage.

Here is the list of ingredients which should definitely be looked over in case of allergy concerns: Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, Glycerin, Polysorbate 60, Glyceryl Stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Glyceryl Distearate

Boy Butter Lube Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Boy Butter is exactly what the name states: Butter for Boys. The stuff feels, smells, and even looks like actual butter. Put it in the refrigerator and it's just as cold as butter! Boy Butter doesn't really pour. Although it does come in squeeze bottles, it still comes out thick.To get some out of the tub you basically just scoop it out with your hand. It's quite thick. A lot thicker than lotion. If you were to squirt or slap some Boy Butter Lube against the skin, it would sit right in place for a very long time. Unless it got extremely heated up, then it could possibly sit in one place for hours.

“One reason why I bought Boy Butter was because of the claim that it is easy to clean off. That claim seems pretty accurate. I bought the 16oz tub and I kind of regret it. No fault to the packaging or anything, but I didn't realize exactly how large the 16oz tub is. The tub itself seems a little unsanitary compared to a squeeze bottle, although Boy Butter does sell the squeeze bottle, which would be my recommendation. Instead of using the main tub, I just found a small plastic container and scooped some into it with a spoon. When I first opened the tub, I was in for quite a surprise. The product looked like it was a soft vegetable shortening and I was a bit nervous about applying it to my penis. Usually oil is a pain to clean off and requires a bunch of soap and water. I was pleasantly surprised that the Boy Butter Lube really did clean off very well with just water, though. It does take a little more effort to clean off than water-based lube, but not by much. Comparing to water-based lube, it’s amazing. Boy Butter just feels silkier and slicker. It also feels more natural than some of the water-based lubes that I’ve used in the past. It doesn’t really dry out fast like water-based lubes. You go through a lot less lube with Boy Butter just because you don’t have to constantly reapply it and really all you need is a quarter-sized dab. Since it is an oil based lube, you can’t use it with condoms, which is unfortunate. I’ve yet to try it internally with any of my plugs and I probably won’t. I would imagine it would work quite well as an anal lube, but I can imagine it can be a pain to clean out with anything short of an enema. So far I’ve only used it for masturbating and with my girlfriend for handjobs and I love it for those roles.”

“Surprisingly, Boy Butter Lube has performed very well for my husband. It was an addition to his birthday gift - a masturbation sleeve - and he's really more in love with the Boy Butter than the sleeve. I haven't seen him use his hand so much or ask for hand jobs so often since we were in high school together! I thought it would be a nice gift since he's away on trips often and masturbation can be so lonely when we can't talk on the phone or be together. He loves the way it feels. I think my husband has found his favorite jack-off lube/butter/or whatever you want to call this stuff. He really does love it.“

“We've used Boy Butter Lube for a few different functions so far with nothing negative to say. It works nicely as a massage cream, my husband gave me a delightful back rub with this stuff and it rinsed off great in the shower giving me no stickiness or breakouts. I've used it for giving him handjobs and I know he's used it for his own private jerkoff sessions because the container seems to be emptying faster than it should! Both of us have used it during anal play and haven't had any problems with it. One application is all that's needed and it lasts and lasts and lasts just like the famous bunny. My husband has also spread it out between my breasts and given me a good booby-banging. I personally think semen is harder to wash off than this stuff.”

Churn Style Boy Butter Lube For More Effective Penis, Scrotum And Anus Suction Pumping
Buy Churn Style ‘Boy Butter Lube’ Online For Easier Penis, Scrotum And Anus Vacuum Pumping Sex Pleasure
Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube For More Effective Penis, Scrotum And Anus Suction Pumping
Original Churn Style Boy Butter Lube - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Churn Style Boy Butter Lube
Online Price : $10.50 - $19.50
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