How to Enlarge Your Clitoris By Vacuum Pumping

Use good a quality vacuum pumping device to increase the size of your clitoris either temporarily or ona permanent basis. In addition to the visual satisfaction and extra-sensory pleasure of a supersized clitoris, clitoral vacuum pumping lends itself to gender play, S&M and medical role playing scenes, and is fun for those who love to use the latest sexual technology

A good clitoris pumping system consists of a small clear cylinder that attaches via flexible tube to a powerful regulated hand operated vacuum pump which, through powerful suction, pulls blood into the clitoris and the surrounding genital structures. As the clitoris, the clitoris hood, and some of the labia become engorged with blood you can see the clitoris grow as it is sucked into the cylinder. The intense tugging sensation is enough to generate an orgasm for some women, for others the goal is to produce a clitoris big enough for penetration, and for others, the thrill is in touching, licking, sucking and playing with the swollen and sensitized tissue after the cylinder is removed. The intensity of the sensation is not for everyone.

Here are the basic techniques on how to safely and pleasurably pump up the clitoris:

Prepare the area. The pump works best if the tissue is already warm and has good blood flow. It helps to be turned on, to take a bath or shower first, and to shave any pubic hair that would get in the way of a good seal.
Use lubricant. Lube helps to create a seal between the flared opening of the cylinder and your vaginal area skin. Coat your clitoris and the inside of the tube to prevent chafing.
Get a grip. Hold the cylinder snugly against your vaginal skin with one hand and use the other hand to pump. Once the suction has created a seal, you can let go of the cylinder.
Go slowly and cautiously. Start with the valve partly open to obtain slight sucking. When the valve is closed, each squeeze of the hand pump increases the vacuum pull on the clitoris and surrounding tissue, so pause after each pump to see how it feels. Pain is a sign to stop. Don't expect to fill the entire cylinder. Experiment with releasing all the pressure and then pumping again.
Enjoy the heightened sensations. Stop pumping after a few minutes and enjoy the sensations or let a lover appreciate your fattened clitoris with the mouth.
Don't over do it. A little clitoris pumping goes a long way and over-pumping can desensitize the sensitive tissues. If you find yourself numb rather than super sensitive, then you'll know to do it less next time.
Play around. The clitoris vaccum pump and tube can be detached, leaving the engorged clitoris still vacuumed up into the cylinder, where it will stay until the seal is broken, usually by pressing the quick release button. Gently and tentatively enjoy the feel of your new mini penis. Tug the tube, hold a vibrator against it or, if you've got someone to help out, suck on it.

Some daily clitoris pumpers report small permanent size increases over time, but usually the engorged tissue returns to a swollen but near normal size soon after the vacuum pressure is released, and all the way back to normal by the next day.

The Sexual Pleasure Of Clitoris Pumping

The clitoris is directly stimulated by the thrusting of the erect penis during penetration. Clitoris pumping will enlarge the clitoris with each vacuum pumping session and with continued pumping of the female erectile organ, you will feel like you have a mini penis between your vaginal lips.

Just how big do you want your own mini erection to be when you are sexually aroused? Well it is up to you. If you are a true exhibitionist you might even want people to notice your clitoral erection through a skintight dress or bikini. Just enjoy the empowerment of being in personal control of the size of your own clitoris. Clitoris power means clitoris pleasure!

For many sexually adventurous women, clitoris pumping feels so very good. The clitoris gets so hard and erect that some fortunare women get so sexually excited that an orgasm will even be experienced - and enjoyed - before you finishyour clitoris pumping session.

Vacuum Pumping Need Not Be Confined To The Clitoris

Female vacuum pumping is a sexual practice which is not now limited to just the clitoris. The practice has now extended to other parts of the body including vacuum pumping the whole vaginal area, plus the breasts, nipples, and even the anus and other body parts, which bring sexual gratification to the pumper - or the pumper’s partner. Pumping can also enjoyably happen where suction cups can be placed on the human female body or as a way to join two bodies - female to male, female to female - in shared sexual scenarios, including medical role playing.

Intimate Vacuum Pumping Empowers Women Sexually

The suction generated through vacuum pumps can provide sexual gratification to any man or women. The practice of female pumping was once considered opressive, with feminists viewing it at as an exploitation of women’s sexuality. As time passed, the practice of female pumping is now seen by enlightened men and women as something that brings pleasure to the body and for sexually liberated adults there is no shame in having pleasure.

The practice of female vacuum pumping is now one of the uniquely empowering and liberating sexual practices a woman can indulge in. It brings enhanced sexual gratification to any woman who engages in clitoris, vagina, labia, breast or nipple vacuum pumping activities, as well as men and gay women who enjoy seeing their partners vacuum pump their genitalia and other body parts.

Vacuum Pumping Is Used For Healing As Well As Pleasure

Suction and the employment of a vacuum on parts of the the human body is used for beneficial and healing purposes in various parts of the world, most notably in China where they use suction cupping as a natural healing process to alleviate sore muscles. The process is similar to acupuncture, however it is done with applied suction to specific parts of the human body as the means of healing aching muscles and other types of bodily injuries.

Enlightened Western women started exploring the benefits of vacuum pumping on the female sex organs. Men were using vacuum pumping to treat impotency and increase penis size, so it was logical that there would also be sexual and health benefits from clitoris vacuum pumping. Women were therefore not really surprised that vacuum pumping yielded many positive benefits. One being that it draws blood into the genital tissues and blood is the lifeline for all living tissues. As it brings in oxygen and nutrients needed to function properly.

Clitoris Pumping For Better Orgasms

The benefits of clitoris pumping were discovered to be many in number, including that it helped women achieve orgasms more easily. Women who vacuum pump their clitoris and labia tend to get more stimulation and more sexually aroused as they see something inherently sexual in the nature of this practice. One important reason for this is that the attention of both sexual partners is drawn to the female genitalia following a vacuum pumping session.

Many women get very aroused when they know that someone is looking closely at their genitalia and appreciating the inherently sexual nature of exposed labia and an engorged clitoris. It is a psychological turn on for these women, given that it is a natural act to show and exhibit their bodies as a way to attract and lure their mates. Moreover, when women are vacuum pumping their genitalia, they are confidently stating to their partner, “Hey look at my beautiful pussy, it is pumped up just for you”. So the partner focuses their attention to the vulva area and the female tends to get even more sexually aroused.

Clitoris And Vagina Vacuum Pumping Promotes Sexual Arousal

Cliroris and vagina pumping forces sensitive tissues to become engorged with blood. This is something which happens to any healthy woman who gets sexually aroused but in amplified manner.

Women who enjoy regular clitoris pumping tend to get very excited sexually by seeing, their little love button expand in size and become super sensitive to the touch. Many female clitoris pumpers will have an orgasm within minutes by means of either manual sexual stimulation or through penetration of the vagina.

Clitoris Vacuum Pumping Is A Sexual Turn On For Men Asd Women

Men are sexually curious creatures and the sight of a woman vacuum pumping her own clitoris can be a huge turn on. It is very exciting when they are able to watch women performing something intimately sexual such as this. Men - or even female lesbian partners can also take part in clitoris and vagina pumping sessions as part of a medical role playing fetish scenario. The practice of female clitoral and vaginal pumping is something which both sexes will get pleasure from when done in a sexual manner. F

Extreme Clitoris And Vagina Pumping For Permanent Size Increases

Female genital pumping can also be taken to extremes, and there are women who want to see what size limits they can achieve. When taken to extremes, over time vacuum pumping and the suction generated through the vacuum source will change and alter tissues of the vulva permanently. As with permanent penis enlargement, vacuum pumping also has the capability to induce permanent tissue development for women who wish to enhance clitoris and labia sizes. Augmentation of clitoris and labia tissues can occur in many women who regularly practice vacuum pumping. This is also noticeable with the nipples, which tend to increase in size quite dramatically when they are aroused.

Female Vacuum Pumping For Permanent Body Modifications

Therefore, extreme female vacuum pumping is where women actually start to change the size and shape of particular body parts and is considered to be a form of fetishistic body modification for this reason. It is successfully achieved in a non-surgical manner through the employment of a vacuum. Many women now engage in these practices, and female vacuum pumping is now well established in the community. As time progresses it will continue to gain in popularity as more and more women engage in these practices of body enhancement and modification by means of vacuum pumping.
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