Clitoral Suction And Pumping - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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Buy Clitoris Vacuum Pumping Products Online To Pump Up And Engorge Your Clitoris For Greater Clitoral Sex Pleasure

What Clitoral Pumps Are Used For: A clitoral pump may be used on the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia minora, labia majora, the entire female genital area and even the nipples. The clitoral vacuum pump, like the penis pump, may be used prior to, or during, masturbation for temporary engorgement effect. The clitoral pump is not designed to be applied to the vaginal opening nor the inside of the vagina, since it may cause injuries. The use of a clitoral pump is not only restricted to sexual pleasure purposes. Their use is often recommended by physicians for treating female sexual problems connected with anorgasmia. Anorgasmia, or Coughlan's syndrome, is a type of sexual dysfunction in which a woman cannot achieve orgasm, even with adequate stimulation. Improved blood flow to the clitoris may be achieved through regular use of clitoral vacuum pumping suction devices. Including the high quality products available for sale from this web site.

Pump Up Your Clitoris: For years, the penis vacuum pump has been a popular sex aid for men. It will suck a man off better than an ambitious intern. It may even give his hot rod a lasting boost. Some men who pump up on a regular basis report permanent increases in penis length up to two inches. Many sexually aspirational women were jealous that such a multitasking toy only worked on men. Why can't women indulge in the pleasures of a tight seal and the suctioning ability of a vacuum? Thankfully, female ingenuity has struck once again. In another step toward equal orgasmic rights, women have commandeered something originally intended only for phallic pleasure and transformed it into a tool of pussy power. Using the same vacuum pumping and suction mechanism, and replacing the penis-sized cylinder with a smaller one, women have created the Clitoris Suction Cylinder and Clitoral Pumps.

According To Sexpert Tristan Taormino: I first took the Clitoris Suction Cylinder and Clitoris Pump for a spin when my intimate friend Sarah brought them with her on a recent visit. When I first examined them, I admit that it didn't put me in the mood for some orgasmic pleasure right away. It appeared complicated - a pressure gauge, clinical tubing, a transparent cylinder and a brass pump with a metal handle.

"Drop your drawers, Tristan," Sarah said with her thick English accent.

I did as I was told, and soon she was rubbing lubricant on my shaven vagina and up the inside of the cylinder as well. I slid my already aroused and expectant little clitoris, its hood, and part of my inner labia lips in the cylinder, then pressed the rim firmly against my vagina skin.

"Try to create a perfect seal so that the vacuum action will work," recommended Sarah.

Pump in hand, she squeezed once, and I felt a gentle pull, like a suction cup was on my clitoris. She squeezed again, and blood rushed to my love button, making it throb. Squeeze number three, and I looked down to see that my engorged clitoris was red, swollen, and filling half the cylinder. It looked huge.

I suddenly remembered the first time I saw legendary porn star Annie Sprinkle on the set of an adult film. Like all women, when the juices started flowing, Annie's clitoris grew. But she had one of the largest I've ever seen. I was captivated by her juicy pussy and full, luscious clitoris. I recall being turned on but also really envious. It would be so cool to have a really big clitoris.

With Sarah's confident hand wrapped firmly on the pumping mechanism, and the cylinder fused to my pussy, I was well on the way to a bigger clitoris. As a bonus, not only was it big, when I took the cylinder off, it was supersensitive. One touch of a vibrator, and I was in outer space. I was raring to go in five minutes flat!

Clitoris Pumping Pleasure Is Backed By Facts: Scientifically speaking, it makes perfect sense that the same pleasure principle can be applied to both the penis and the clitoris. Even though we have been conditioned to think that penis is to vagina as yin is to yang, that is incorrect and has kept us in the dark about women's sexual pleasure potential. The fact is that the clitoris and the penis are very similar in structural design: Both are made of erectile tissue, both fill with blood, swell, and harden during sexual arousal.

Clitoris Pumping Pleasure Is Good News For All Women: One of the most knowledgeable and experienced clitoris pumping aficionados is Karlyn Lotney, a butch San Francisco sex advice columnist. She says, "Some female bodied people such as transmen and stone butches who do not identify with their female genitalia find that oral sex is transformed after clitoris pumping; because the size of the clitoris may increase dramatically, fantasies of fellatio are easily accommodated."

An Enlarged Pumped Up Clitoris Does Not Mean Penis Envy: Women perform clitoris pumping not because it makes them look like cocks, but because it demonstrated female sexual empowerment with yet another incredible thing the female body can do.

Clitoris Suction Cylinders And Clitoral Vacuum Pumps To Increase Clitoral Size And Sensitivity For More Pleasurable Sexual Stimulation
Buy Clitoris Pumping Products Online To Pump Up And Engorge Your Clitoris For Greater Clitoral Sex Pleasure
Clitoral Vacuum Pumps To Increase Clitoral Size And Sensitivity For More Pleasurable Sexual Stimulation
Clitoral Suction And Pumping - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
106 - Clitoral Suction Cylinder - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
108 - Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
109 - Pucker Up Clitoris & Vagina Pump - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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