Virginia was an average teenage girl. She was not very interested in school but made the best of it despite her two main interests, cheerleading and boys. She was of average height and slightly less than average weight, her breasts were just beginning to grow big enough that she needed a bra (kind of anyway), she had just gone through several periods and had a tuft of hair under her arms and around her pubic area. Her two best attributes were her crystal blue eyes and long blond hair.

She and her mother had just come from her new school where they chose her classes and signed her up for the cheerleaders squad, there was still 2 weeks before school began and they now had to get her an appointment for a physical before she could start. She heard her mother calling several doctors offices before finding one that could accept her on such short notice so close to the start of a new school year. Most were already booked up with student physicals. The thought of having a physical was spooky to Virginia, she had very seldom been sick and had only seen a doctor once in the past 4 or 5 years so she had no idea what to expect. Her mother told her to relax, that everyone had to have a physical every once in a while and since she was now going through puberty it was an even better idea to have one so the doctor could make sure all of the "parts of the clock were ticking correctly" but it did little to help her.

On the morning of her appointment her mother made sure she took a bath and put on clean underwear, the weather outside was still in the high 80s' so she put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and headed down the stairs. Her mother drove her to the doctors' office and together they began to fill out the stack of papers.

Both she and her mother were dressed in shorts due to the heat and as they sat in the waiting room they began to chill due to the air conditioning. They soon finished the paperwork and sat waiting to be called. Virginia had just gotten interested in a magazine (and forgotten she had to pee) when the door opened and a nurse called her name.

Both Virginia and her mother followed the nurse to an exam room and stepped inside. The room was just as chilly as the waiting room had been and as she sat on the table Virginia began to shiver both from the cold and from nerves. The nurse went through the normal induction process taking her height and weight, blood pressure, temp, and pulse. She handed Virginia a gown and a cup and told her to go into the restroom, remove her clothing, give a urine sample, and then return with the gown on. Virginia followed the instructions and was soon sitting on the table trying to talk her mom into leaving to give her some privacy; they were in the middle of this discussion when the door opened and a mid 30s' man walked in. He was looking at the chart in his hands and looked up just long enough to smile at Virginia and say, "Hello, I'm Dr. Bean." He looked at her mother and made a similar introduction before going to the desk, sitting down and scribbling something on the chart. When he stood up her mother decided to end the previous discussion once and for all.

"Doctor, Virginia said she would be more comfortable without my being here while she has her physical but I think since this is her first in years I should be present to find out if there are any problems, what do you think?"

He looked at the both of them for a moment before he answered. "Although this is clearly a matter of personal preference I will say that it is sometimes very helpful to have a parent in the room so that I may consult with them without having to go find them, I therefore believe you should stay but, that is something that needs to be decided between the two of you."

"It's decided I'm staying," she said. At this Virginia let out a sarcastic sigh and gave her mother an evil look.

"Shall we get started then?" the doctor said as he took his stethoscope out and began warming it between his hands. He next walked behind Virginia, untied the top of her gown, pushed the gown down to just above her breasts, and began listening to her breaths and heartbeat. He finished with her back and walked around to repeat the same on her front, he had to pull the gown down which produced a slight reddening of her face. He then pulled the gown up to her shoulders and began checking her ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Next he had her lay back and began pushing slightly on her stomach. "Everything seems to be fine so far, I would recommend we do an abbreviated gynecological exam sense she is beginning her menstrual cycles just to make sure."

She saw him looking at her mother and looked that way in time to see her nod her head yes. Virginia wasn't sure what they meant but she knew what a menstrual cycle was so she figured it would involve her private areas and was horrified that the doctor was asking her mom and not her, it horrified her even more that a strange man would be looking at her private parts (along with her mom) when she had been able to keep anyone from seeing them for the last year, modesty was one of her downfalls, she would go out of her way to make sure nobody saw her naked.

She was about to say something when he beat her saying, "I do need to check one more thing before we go that far though." He walked around behind her and released the loop holding the bottom of the gown together; he then walked around to her front again and pulled the gown down to her waist.

Her hands immediately went to cover her breasts. "Now I'm going to check out your thyroid glands so I'll need you to put one hand down at your side and the other in the air," he paused for a moment waiting for her to react and then grabbed her wrists and pushed one down to the table and the other over her head. She felt her face growing redder by the minute, due to her embarrassment as he prodded and poked under her armpit while her mom watched, knowing that her small tits were on display.

He pushed the one arm down to the table while lifting the other and repeated the operation. He finished and told her to spin her legs on top of the table and lay back, which she did. He pushed the gown up to where it was covering her breasts and most of her chest and had her slide down to the end of the table as he put the stirrups in place. He had her put her feet in the stirrups and began raising the gown when she heard a loud sigh and saw a look of irritation on his face.

"Lower your feet, we're not going to get anywhere with your panties still on."

She lowered her feet and felt more humiliation as he pulled her panties off, handed them to her mother, and then slid her feet back into place. She closed her eyes in shame and embarrassment as she felt him poking around her most private parts, she felt him pull her neither lips apart and push a finger in. He was soon done and pulled the gown back down, she started to get up when he stopped her, "Just stay there for another moment please, there is something I would like to discuss with your mom."

She lay back in horror wondering what could be wrong. The doctor motioned to her mom and the walked to the far end of the exam room and began talking in so low of voices she couldn't hear them.

"As you already know you have a quite attractive young lady there and being a member of the cheerleader squad is going to get her acquainted with boys who are quite a bit older than her. I don't know what your views are of sex between minors are but I am a firm believer in taking any type of measure to prevent it and I have an idea if you're interested if she's still a virgin and I'm sure you'd like to keep it that way for a few more years," he said to her mother.

"Yes I would and I've been worried about that to, in her school she'll be cheerleading for the football team which has older boys on it and I'm afraid something is going to happen, but I didn't think I could do anything but tell her it was wrong at her age. The problem is her father and me are divorced so there's not that strong a male influence."

"Yes something may very well happen and with all of the diseases out there I think a parent needs to take every chance to keep it from happening, and we both know that a girl her age with a boy a few years older than her is going to have a hard time resisting due to the status it could give her and just plain peer pressure. My method is simple, shave her pubic area and she will not want anyone to see her hence avoiding the chance. She needs to shave under her arms anyway so now can be the perfect time to do both and give you a little piece of mind."

"I suppose you're right, I hate to do something like that to her, it kind of breaks our trust if she doesn't think that I trust her."

"Don't worry, I'll make it sound like its something that needs to be done for medical reasons, so you want to go ahead with it?"

"Ok," she said reluctantly.

"Trust me, I've been doing this for years and never had anyone catch on to the real reason, I'll need you to play along with me though, she's going to fight it unless we can convince her it needs to be done."

He turned and walked back to the table where Virginia lay nearly frantic wondering what was wrong. "Nothing to worry about young lady but you do have a skin disorder called hypo-dermatology, its not serious but without some simple precautions it can become very uncomfortable." Virginia looked at her mom and then back at the doctor.

"What is it?"

"Well to put it in simple terms it's a skin disorder that affects places on your body that get a lot of heat and have hair, if left alone it could turn into a rash that would cause you severe discomfort. The easiest method of treatment is to remove the hair for a while and make sure you use powder to soak up the sweat and it usually clears up on its own. It depends on the person just how long it takes."

Virginia looked at him with horror. "You mean you want to cut off all of my hair?"

"Oh no, your head doesn't get affected because it doesn't get warm enough to let the fungus form, its just under your arms and around your genitals where heat and sweat collect and stay that need to have the hair removed."

"Couldn't I just use powder down there ?" Virginia asked pointing to her lap meaning her "private area".

"That will help, and you will still need to use baby powder everywhere that gets hot and moist from sweat but I'm afraid that the hair follicles hold the heat and moisture, I'm sorry but there no other way to cure it." He smiled in a sympathetic way trying to reassure her, at the same time she looked towards her mother with tears welling up in her eyes.

"I'm sorry honey," her mother finally said, "But you remember how bad the last rash you got was, you don't want that again do you?"

She shook her head no and gave in to what was going to happen, her last rash had been when she first started wearing a bra and she remembered being in misery for two weeks having the bra scratch the rash driving her nuts.

"Ok, I'll do it when we get home," she said in a sad voice.

"I don't think that is such a good idea, we need to make sure we get all of the hair follicles and then I'm going to have to take a closer look to make sure that that is exactly what you have." He said this and moved away from the table towards a cabinet and started pulling things out. "We'll do this with a razor this time just so we don't irritate your skin if it's something else, but after this you will be able to use a cream once a week which will remove any hair that is growing back if you would like or you can continue using a razor on your own as long as you do a good job and get all of the hair. It's up to you and your mom how you do it but it must be done at least once a week, more if the hair starts to grow in faster."

He began stacking things on a cart next to the table as he spoke. He looked into her perfect blue eyes and knew that there would be no way a boy her age or older than her would not try to hit on her, he also figured it would be only a matter of time before she gave in unless she had a reason to say no, and he was about to give her that reason.

"Ok, which would you like to do first under your arms or down there?" He could see her face turn a deeper shade of red, she shook her head and lowered her head like she about to start crying. "This is nothing to be ashamed of, I have had to do this with both boys and girls from younger than you to men and women older than myself and your mom."

He saw her eyes light up at his last statement. "You mean you or my mom might have to go through this?"

"It's possible, this type of disorder is usually caused by the body changing, one part changes so fast that other parts can't keep up, that's why people around your age are the ones who are normally afflicted with it, but this is something that is done to people of all ages for one reason or another."

He was doing a good job of convincing her, although he did have to do this to adults a few times before, it was either because of a surgery prep or to try to rid them of crabs but with kids it was normally to keep them honest. "Lets start under your arms shall we?"
He saw her nod and helped her into a sitting position. He pulled the gown down and raised one of her arms; he then took an electric razor and trimmed the hair back to stubble. He had to scold her every so often for fidgeting because it tickled. "I'm going to be using a very sharp razor next and if you can't keep still we're going to have to do something to keep you still so I don't cut you."

He saw her look and continued what he was doing, he finally finished one arm and had her raise the other arm. She knew that both her mom and this doctor were looking at her and even though she didn't know much about sex she knew that her nipples being hard and poking strait out was something to be ashamed of, she couldn't stop it though, both the cold and all of this attention made it impossible to control.

He had gotten about half way done with her other arm when he stopped, "This isn't going to work, I understand that you're ticklish but for your own safety I think we need to do something different." He walked to the door and called someone. He closed the door and went to another cabinet, as he was opening the cabinet the door opened and a woman walked in.

"I'll stay still I promise."

"I'm sorry but you've had the chance, its not your fault but I can't take the chance of you moving while I'm using a sharp razor, the chance of my cutting you badly is too great. I am going to need some help restraining this young lady while I finish shaving her," he said to the nurse. "Here, would you put these in place while I finish? Now let's have you lay back like before."

She couldn't believe her ears, she looked at her mom but she gave her a look that made her sure there would be no salvation, she lay back down completely defeated.

The doctor pushed both of her arms above her head; he asked her mother to hold her wrists down while he continued using the electric razor with the other. She felt her feet going into the stirrups and then felt something being placed on her ankles, she tried to move her legs but the bindings around her ankles were holding her in place. The nurse then grabbed a strap and fastened it to one side of the table; she then ran it across Virginia's arms just below the elbow and fastened the other end to the opposite side of the table. The doctor finished with the electric razor and told the nurse thank you, the nurse then went to the foot of the table leaving her mother holding her arms tightly in place. She saw him take a wet cloth and felt him wipe under one of her arms.

As he pulled the cloth away she shivered feeling the cool air hitting her wet sensitive skin. He then took some lather and spread it out where he had just made it wet. She felt him begin to scrape the stubble away, it tickled and she tried to pull away but was unable to move. She thrashed her head back and forth and fought her bonds but could do nothing but lay there, he finished with one and she was just beginning to catch her breath when he began to repeat the procedure on the other. She could just imagine what she looked like laying there with 3 adults watching her struggle; she just knew all of them must have been laughing at her, which just added to her embarrassment.

The doctor finally finished with her armpits and stepped back to allow her to relax, he then bent over and looked closely at her freshly shaven skin using a magnifying glass. "Yep that's what I thought," he looked at Virginia "I'm happy to report that you didn't go through that for nothing, my first thought was right, I'm afraid that since I was right we'll have to continue."

He saw the look in her eyes and wouldn't have had the heart to continue if it wasn't for her own good. He nodded to the nurse who in turn pulled the gown off of her placing it on the counter, leaving her completely exposed.

"Doctor, if you don't need me anymore I think the less eyes watching the better on the poor thing."

"Ya, I think your right, I think we can manage from here." Virginia watched the door as it opened, the nurse left, and then it closed hoping nobody else would look in; she was relived when nobody did. The doctor looked at this girl and wondered what her mother would look like in that position. He had stolen a few glances at her mother during this exam and liked what he saw. She was slightly taller than her daughter but had a similar build and the same long blond hair and blue eyes. He could imagine that this was a younger version of the mother laying here on the table.

He donned a pair of gloves, picked up the electric razor and sat down (as much to hide his growing erection as from thinking about the mother as to begin working) and preceded to remove her pubic mound. He noticed that she was reacting to this and had to readjust his grip on her nether lips as he shaved close to them due to the slick fluid. The process took about 15 minutes and by the time he was done Virginia was squirming immensely from what she would later find out was sexual frustration and crying from the humiliation.

"Like I said before this is nothing to be ashamed of, it's just something that must be done, I'm sure your mother has had it done to her before and I'm sure she wouldn't have a problem with having it done again if it was needed would you?"

He looked at her mother.

"Well no, if there was a medical reason I don't see why not." As she was speaking the doctor picked up a tube of ointment and began applying it to her freshly shaved skin.

"Have you ever had this done mom?" Virginia asked.

"Well no, I've been lucky and never had to."

"How about you doctor?"

"Yes, when I was your age I had to have my second hernia operation and they had to shave me in preparation for it."

"Were you embarrassed?"

"Yes I was, but I lived through it and before I knew it the hair grew back and everything was normal again. Believe it or not some people, women especially, like to keep themselves like this." He was beginning to unhook her bindings as he spoke, "Your mom should try it, she might find she likes it and even if not it would be a good way for both of you to go through it together, sort of like when a cancer patient looses their hair and their friends all shave their heads in sympathy."

"Would you mom?"

"Well I um, I'll think about it," she was stuttering trying to find a good way out of this. She knew what was happening and she wanted nothing to do with it.

"Oh please mom, you said you'd do it if you had to."

"I said if there was a medical reason but there's not so there's no reason for me to do it."
The doctor finished and began putting everything away.

"I'll let you two discuss this while Virginia dresses, please have a nurse call me before you're ready to leave. I'll have a to-do list ready for you in my office as to what needs to be done on a daily and weekly basis as well as a schedule of when I'd like to see you next."

He left the room and headed for his office. After he left Virginia and her mother began a heated debate over her mother denuding her pubis, Virginia was trying to convince her mother to have the same thing done for "sympathy" while her mother was making every excuse not to have it done.

"You let the doctor make the final decision whether you stayed in here or not so lets let him make the final decision whether you get shaved or not," Virginia finally said. Her mother was running out of excuses and she couldn't come up with a good comeback for the last statement. She had somewhat spoiled Virginia ever since the divorce and under normal circumstances would let Virginia have her way, but this was asking her to put herself in a sexually inferior position to a strange man and, although the idea was interesting (more than that it was arousing) it would possibly stimulate her sexually for the first time in 5 years since the divorce and make her more vulnerable than she thought she could handle being.

She almost gave the "I'm the mother and I'll make the decisions" speech when she looked into Virginia's eyes and had to stop. She had a hard time saying no to Virginia, she had to be both mother and father to her and tried to the compassionate type parent most of the time just so she would be more convincing when she had to come down hard on her.

"I don't have an appointment so the doctor won't be able to see me and besides, I don't have insurance so we can't afford to pay to have something like that done."

Virginia had just finished getting dressed and walked to the door; she opened it and called to a nurse that she was ready to see the doctor again. She walked back over to the table and sat on it, her mother had thought she had won the argument until the doctor walked into the room.

"My mom said she'd let you shave her but said she didn't have an appointment so you couldn't do it and also said she didn't have insurance from her new job yet and couldn't afford it. Isn't there some way you could help so me and my mom would be the same? Pleeeese?"

Her horrified mother tried to step in. "No dear, he can't."

But the doctor looked at her with a sad look. "If it means that much to you I could schedule your mom in after I see my next patient. Do you have a regular doctor in the area?" he looked at her mother and she shook her head no trying to come up with the words to get her out of this.

"Ok, I'll give you a physical and shave now and as soon as you get your insurance we can fill out the paperwork, they'll mandate you give them a preferred provider and I'll be able to give them the paperwork by fax when you let me know which insurance company it is to help speed up the process. Some employers mandate a physical anyway, so we'll kill a whole bunch of birds with one stone. I have to get to my next patient but I'll have a nurse come in and prep you, I shouldn't be but 15 or 20 minutes." He turned to walk out.

"No, you're much too busy, we can do this some other time, I'm still not sure I'm willing to do it anyway," her mother protested.

"She said she'd let YOU make the decision, you said she should stay and watch me and she said if you say she should do it she would," Virginia said trying to encourage the doctor to help her.

"No," she couldn't finish before the doctor interrupted her saying.

"Nonsense, if it means that much to Virginia it's the least I can do, remember she is going through a traumatic experience and I would not be holding up my Hippocratic oath if I didn't do this to help relieve her stress. If you're asking me I say yes, you are probably due for a physical and I'm glad she has such a caring mother who is willing to show her sympathy like this. I'll be back before you know it."

He walked out and before she knew what was happening a nurse was handing Virginia's mom a gown and cup while changing the paper on the table and cleaning up the used utensils from Virginia. "If you'll remove your clothing and fill the cup while I finish in here I'll get everything ready."

Virginia's mother walked towards the restroom wondering what had happened and how she could get out of this. She was going through every scenario in her mind of how to leave and still look Virginia in the face but couldn't think of anything, both Virginia and the doctor had put such a guilt trip on her she couldn't say no and still call herself a good parent. She removed her clothes and put on the gown.

As she sat trying to fill the cup she couldn't help but think of what was about to happen, she was going to be given a physical exam and shaved in her most private area by a man she had just met while her daughter watched. The thought was enough to make her nearly sick to her stomach (from nerves and the thought of embarrassment) but at the same time it was causing an arousal that she hadn't felt for years (she was 35 and not too old to feel sexual urges by any means but she had stifled them and tried to be the good parent, she was afraid that 5 years of celibacy would make her much more sensitive to this stranger and that, combined with her daughter watching, would be incredibly embarrassing if she started showing signs of arousal like she had in previous exams).

She looked down at the hair glowing around her pussy, it was blond and not very thick but it was there, she felt herself and realized that even thinking about what was about to happen was making her react in ways she knew the doctor would notice and was afraid Virginia would understand as well. She made one last attempt to think of a way out of this but couldn't, she put on the gown and returned to the exam room carrying everything else (bra and underwear hidden by her shirt and shorts).

She entered the exam room and Virginia grabbed her clothes setting them on the extra chair, she then walked towards the exam table as if she was walking towards the electric chair. She hopped onto the table and the nurse began going through her medical history and doing the normal height, weight, pulse, ECT things. The nurse finished and walked out the door leaving her and Virginia in the exam room.

"Why are there things on that tray that the doctor didn't use on me mom? (Virginia had been sitting there watching the nurse set everything on the tray and then cover it with a thin sheet of cloth" Virginia was pointing to the rolling tray next to the exam table. Her mom was just about to remove the sheet covering the tray when the door opening and the doctor walking in startled her.

"Ok so we're ready for mom and daughter to switch places now," he looked at Virginia as he spoke. "Since you've never had a full gynecological exam before this is going to be very informational for you, you are going to see what you will be having done to you in a few years. As for you," he was looking at mom as he spoke this time, "I can not commend you enough for being the type of parent that is a perfect example for their children as well as an inspiration to all parents." This last statement brought a feeling of pride to her as the feeling of embarrassment was coming into full bloom after his statement to Virginia.

"I didn't know you were planning on doing a gynecological exam I didn't prepare for it." Virginia's mother was still trying to get out of this.

"As your daughter stated, I allowed you to make some decisions for her so since we are reversing roles why don't we let your daughter make the decisions ?" He looked at Virginia as he said this last statement and winked.

"No, I was making the decisions based on her best interest."

"And that is what she will be making the decisions on. I only make recommendations for patients or in this case patients plural based on the best interests of the patient, you have to admit every recommendation I've made to you was in Virginia's best interest right? Even though it might not be the most comfortable or most modest solution, it is always with the patients best interest in mind don't you agree?"

He had her there, if she rebuked on this he would be able to tell the true reason she agreed to having Virginia shaved and she had gone this far to be a good parent and keep Virginia's trust she couldn't stop now.

"I suppose you're right."

"Good, now Virginia do you think it would be in your mothers best interest to have a gynecological exam like you had so I can see if there's anything wrong before it becomes a big problem?"


Virginia saw the same evil look from her mother that she had given earlier when her mother had decided to stay and watch. She didn't understand exactly what the doctor meant but she figured he must be right since he was the doctor and she was now in the position to "get even" with her mother. The doctor agreed and began his initial exam with her ears, eyes and throat. Virginia saw him untie the back of the gown and begin to listen to her breathing and heart and knew that it wouldn't be long before he pulled the gown down and started on the front. Her mother knew this also and couldn't believe she had allowed herself to be talked into this. The doctor finished with the stethoscope, he wrapped it around his neck and turned to Virginia.

"This next part is something I didn't feel was necessary with you, I am now going to check your mothers breasts for lumps and abnormal discharge, this is something your mother should be doing on her own but its something that needs to be done every six months to a year by a doctor."

He looked back at her mother, "When was your last mammogram?"

"I've never had one."

"That is something that needs to be done immediately whether you have insurance or not. You've heard of women having to have their breast removed because cancer wasn't caught in time, haven't you?"

She nodded her head. The doctor looked at Virginia. "I'd like you to keep on your mom to get a mammogram as soon as possible, its not an option its something that NEEDS to be done." He saw Virginia's eyes light up and she nodded her head vigorously. He proceeded to feel from the outermost part of her breast into the center, in small increments, as he reached the nipple he rubbed and rolled it between his fingers momentarily making it slightly more erect than it was before and then pinched it. Virginia heard a loud gasp escape her mother s lips.

"Is that hurting her?"

"Although your mom is the only one to say for sure I'd say that it is a mixture of both slight pain and pleasure, I need to do this to see if she has any fluids coming out of her nipples that shouldn't be there."

Virginia looked at her mother and saw her face growing redder. "She's getting embarrassed just like I did." He looked at her mother and then back at Virginia.

"Yes she is, both from being seen undresses just like you did, and from showing signs of arousal."

"What's that?"

"Something your mom will explain to you when you're ready." He looked at her mother and saw her closing her eyes in shame so hard it was forcing tears out. He continued with the next breast and got a similar (although she tried to hide it) reaction as he pinched her nipple. He then had her raise her arms one at a time so he could feel for lumps that might move and then checked under her arms for lumps in the thyroid glands.
The whole time he was explaining exactly what he was doing and what he was looking for to Virginia, which was causing more embarrassment to her mother. He finished his exam of her breasts and thyroids and was continuing down to her abdomen pushing as he went.

The stirrups were still in place from when Virginia had used them so it was an easy transition when he requested she scoot down to the end of the table and place her feet in them.

He pulled the gown back up above her breasts and looked at Virginia who was sitting to the side of the table. "In a moment I will begin the gynecological part of the exam, I will be doing the same thing I did to you but since your mother is much older and has had children I will need to look inside of her to make sure everything is ok in there."

Virginia looked at him and nodded her head, she then looked at her mother who by now was beet red and had her head turned away from them. The doctor began his exam with an outer-genital palpation followed by his pulling a speculum from the tray placed at the side of the table. While he was performing his outer palpation he noticed her reaction, her labia were beginning to become engorged. Swelling was also involuntarily happening to her clitoris which by the time he inserted the speculum was already poking out from beneath its hood.

He put a fair amount of KY jelly on the speculum even though the amount of juices coming from her would have allowed easy access without it, he did this more to show Virginia what would probably be done to her on her first exam. As he inserted the speculum he heard a hushed gasp coming from the patient and then a loud moan escape her as he opened it. He saw a steady stream of fluid running down from her vagina and used a towel to wipe some of it up.

He gave up after a few attempts, he would wipe and within a minute another stream would form. He asked Virginia to watch and as she did he performed the customary PAP smear and pointed out some of the parts of her mothers uterus to Virginia. He explained exactly what he was doing and what he was looking for as he performed the bi-manual exam and everything went fine until he reached the uppermost part of her genitals with his fingers.

As soon as he touched the interior upper walls of her sex (the G spot of some women) she pulled her feet from the stirrups (hitting him in the head with her knee in the process) and let out a loud yell. Virginia not knowing what was happening jumped back with a horrified look on her face.

"Everything's ok, I touched a very sensitive part of your mother and she reacted to it, I'm almost done here."

He quickly finished his exam and rubbed the lump on his head as he went to the door and called for a nurse. The same nurse that had prepped both Virginia and mom and attached Virginia to the stirrups came in. "It's going to be necessary to restrain her as we did Virginia would you prep her for me while I finish here please." He saw Virginia's mom sit up


The nurse, who was standing at the side of the table, pushed her back down. The gown had fallen below her breasts and she was trying to cover herself as the nurse began attaching the straps from her ankles to the stirrups. The doctor continued the rectal part his exam as the nurse finished with her ankles (he only did a cursory outer inspection more to buy time than to actually examine her).

"Virginia, would you take hold of your mothers wrists and hold them above her head?" the doctor said, at the same time the nurse was taking hold pushing her arms above her head. With Virginia holding her wrists the nurse was able to buckle the strap in place on her arms.

"I'd like Virginia to see the next part, so why don't you add wrist restraints so nobody has to hold her in place." Virginia's mom pulled and struggled as best she could but before she knew it she was securely strapped down to the table, the nurse removed the gown leaving her completely exposed and then exited the room as she did with her daughter.
"I'm now going to finish the rectal exam and then we'll start the shaving procedure," he told Virginia. He donned another pair of gloves, placed a fair amount of KY on and around a finger and began inserting it. Virginia watched as her mother pulled against her bonds.

"Why didn't you do that to me ?" Virginia asked both wondering why and glad he didn't.
"As you get older, things change inside of your body so it is necessary to check some of the trouble points more closely. On a woman your mothers age the breasts, vagina, and rectum are all susceptible to cancer and the only way to check for this is to both look and feel for cancerous lumps." Virginia nodded her head and watched the rest of the procedure in silence.

The doctor next grabbed the electric sheers and began the trimming process. Virginia was watching everything intently; she noticed the steady stream coming out of her mothers' hole and wanted to ask some questions but couldn't bring herself to do it in front of a man (she would ask her mother in private later). The doctor finished with the electric sheers and began rubbing the shaving cream on. He took more time around the top of her sex than was truly necessary and brushed her clit several times, each time bringing a loud moan and her pulling against her bonds.

He began shaving her; he took slow strokes making sure he rinsed the blade after each stroke. He'd finished the upper and outer part of her sex and was now beginning to work close to her sopping lips. He placed his gloved hand inside and pulled the lip out as he shaved, this caused an involuntary gasp from Virginia's mother and caused her to pull against her bonds, he repeated the process on the other lip. The only parts left unshaved were the uppermost part of her sex and the area between her sex and rear hole. He inserted his finger again at the top and (with one finger placed against the top of her uterus and his thumb against her clit) began his shaving process, this time using much shorter and slower strokes, his thumb was moving slightly back and forth as he pulled the skin taut so he could shave her closely. Virginia watched her mother try to push her hips up into the air and heard a loud moan.

"Why is she doing that?"

"Have you ever touched yourself down there and found it felt good while you're taking a bath?"

Virginia lowered her head and felt herself becoming embarrassed again, "Ya."

"Well your mother is feeling that also," he felt her begin to constrict around his finger, he removed his thumb from her clit letting the skin pull back, he heard her let out a loud cry of frustration.

"We're almost done, just a few more moments," he continued and was quickly finished. He pulled out the ointment and rubbed it all over her freshly shaved skin.

"I'll need to see you again in a week or two, just to see how things are going," he said to Virginia as he unfastened her mother. He went to his desk and removed a business card and walked back over to her mother who was stepping off of the table stretching slightly as she did.

"Here is my card. If you have any questions or problems feel free to call me, my home and cell phone numbers are on there also."

He left, allowing both of them to dress in private.
Medical Fetish Sex Story 10 : Virginia And Her Mother Are So Embarrassed
Medical Fetishism Role Playing Pleasure Story - Intimate Gyno Exam Embarrasses Mother And Daughter
Medical Fetish Sex Story 10 : Virginia And Her Mother Are So Embarrassed
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