Insertable penis plugs have been around for quite a while. Recently their popularity has increased mostly due to improved information about them and better availability.

The way to insert a penis plug is very, very slowly and carefully! Use plenty of lube and think of it like a butt plug. Once you get past the widest point then, pop! In it goes!

The feeling of a penis plug is very intense because the inside of the penis is highly sensative with lots of nerve endings. Your penis becomes instantly erect in response to the stimulation that penis plugs like this one give.

Once inserted the plug gives your penis that Prince Albert look because of the ring. It looks very handsome and sexy to wear.

It is best not to take penis plugs out immediately. Let your penis relax and get comfortable. You can then masturbate, even have oral sex, with your
penis plugged and massive.

Removing the penis plug just takes some more spit around the hole, then very slowly pull the penis plug out. The challenging part is the widest point which really stretches your urethral opening!

Penis plugs are not really painful. They feel amazing! Some guys like to masturbate and just as they are ejaculating, to carefully pop the plug out to heighten the experience. This penis plug with a hole through it can be worn for extended periods of time and is safe to urinate or even ejaculate without removing.

If you want something different then we recommend you do give penis plugs a try. Just take it very slowly and everything will be alright.

How safe are penis plugs and how are they used?

Penis plugs, sometimes called sounds are inserted in the urethra. Some of them require a piercing, but many do not. The most common associated health problem is cutting or ripping the skin inside the penis. Just like when a doctor sticks a tube inside the penis, using penis plugs can also cause germs to go inside and may make a urine infection.

However, penis plugs can be safe as long as you are careful. Use lots of lube to help you insert the penis plug. That will make it easier and reduce irritation. Some think it is better to use water-based lubricants like KY rather than silicone lubes for that. Penis plugs can be uncomfortable, especially for first-time users, so start small and slim. It should also have a stopper at the end so that you don’t over-insert.

Knowing the risks will help you make informed decisions and stay healthy. Here is a similar question that was submitted a while back.
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Insertable Penis Plugs  Facts And Information - What Are Insertable Penis Plugs - Cock Stuffing With Penis Plugs
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