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Elbow Grease Lube
147 - Elbow Grease Original Cream Lube Pail - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Buy ‘KinkLab Wartenberg Pinwheel’ Online - Neurological Instrument For Medical Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
Medical Grade KinkLab Wartenberg Pinwheel For Realistic Medical / Sensory / Nerve Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
KinkLab Wartenberg Pinwheel with Leather Sheath - For Medical / Nerve Fetish PLeasure

A favourite for medical fetish play, this high quality stainless steel Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel With Sheath can be used to great effect in soft bondage scenarios, medical role playing and sensory sex play. With gentle points instead of large pins, you will feel tickled and teased as it glides gently across your skin.

Adapted from the original medical diagnosis neuro wheels that were used to test nerve response in neurology patients, this Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel has replaced the long, slender pins of the wheel with a triangular-pointed wheel. Softer on the skin and unlikely to cause anything but small, temporary marks, it's ideal for soft bondage and BDSM play in the bedroom.

The Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel With Sheath id designed to help you realize your own visions of how passionate, creative, and positively charged your private erotic life can be.

The packaging is reusable and provides a functional and attractive way for you to store your Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel With Sheath for future use.
Buy ‘KinkLab Wartenberg Pinwheel’ Online - Neurological Instrument For Medical Fetish Role Playing Pleasure

“This Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel With Sheath is excellent value for money. I had wanted to purchase one for a while but didn’t want to spend too much as my partner was a little frightened by the idea of it.  The wheel is fixed into the end of the figure rest and rotates smoothly. The pinwheel itself has multiple points. I was immediately curious about the sensations the pinwheel could produce so decided to test out different variations of pressure before introducing it to my partner. When the minimal amount of pressure is applied the pinwheel produces a soft stroking sensation. If medium pressure is applied it produces a combination of pinprick tickles and stroking. When the maximum pressure I was able to apply was used it felt similar to when you experience a surface a cut or scratch. When used as hard as you are able to, the Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel will leave pinprick markings on your body; this will fade eventually. After testing the Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel on myself I decided to introduce it to my partner. I removed it from out of the packaging to show him, he whimpered and shuddered slightly. I then calmly explained that it will not hurt him, while at the same time running it confidently over my skin. He slowly reached out his arm and then quickly pulled it back before I could even apply the devise. I grabbed his arm and looked him in the eyes while gently running the pinwheel over his skin, his eyes and facial expressions relaxed. He then took the device from me and experimented with the pressures similar to how I did before, and he really did wonder why he was so frightened of this fiendish but ultimately harmless little device. Since the initial introduction, both of us have used this little device during sensory play. When using a blindfold the sensations are even more intenset. We have also used it in temperature play by cooling the wheel beforehand, this provides a goose bump sensation all round the region it has been applied. Overall even though this Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel looks a little frightening to some, after the correct introduction to the devise you immediately notice how harmless it is.”

“The Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel With Sheath is a classic BDSM toy, used specially for medical and sensory role playing experimentation. It may look a little bit like a pizza-cutter, but Wartenberg wheels were originally used to test neurological responses. It fell into disuse because of hygiene issues. Its medical-related background and appearance is part of its appeal to me; as is the lovely sensations it produces. Running it lightly over the skin results in a tickling or slight pricking sensation; if you exert heavy enough pressure, you can break the skin. I got naked, and Jay gently ran the sharp tips over my back and arms, while I squirmed and giggled. Being naked while he was clothed, and having the steel points coasting all over me, was a very enjoyable sensory experience. It’s hard to describe. It felt like tickling, but very intense tickling concentrated on a very small area of skin. Then he moved on to my breasts and nipples, which definitely started to turn me on.”

“This Wartenberg Wheel from Kinklab is, in a word, fantastic. I actually use this on a fairly regular basis - far more than I thought I would. I break it out during massages mostly, to add some different sensations to the mix. Combined with massage stones, ticklers and even my hair lightly trailed along the skin, the Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel creates some awesome sensations. Alternating between a feather's tendrils and the sharp tips of the Pinwheel being lightly pressed on a lover's back will heighten their sensitivity and prime them for a nice massage. It's shockingly practical for regular, vanilla playtime considering it's such a devious looking device!”

Medical Grade KinkLab Wartenberg Pinwheel For Realistic Medical / Sensory / Nerve Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
Online Price : $17.95
KinkLab Wartenberg Pinwheel with Leather Sheath - For Medical / Nerve Fetish
KinkLab Wartenberg Pinwheel
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