Buy High Quality ‘Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager’ Online For Medical Role Playing P-Spot / Progasm Pleasure
Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager For P-Spot Stimulation / Progasms And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager - For Medical Fetish / Progasm Sex Play Pleasure

The delicately shaped Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager has a small head and thinner stem which means that it will move more internally than the other Aneros prostate massagers. Instead of putting pressure on the entire prostate, the Aneros Eupho massages different parts depending on the user's anal sphincter contractions.

Someone experienced with using prostate massagers or who has stronger sphincter muscles will be able to exercise precise control over the Aneros Eupho, causing it to move all around the prostate for a variety of subtle to sublime pleasure sensations.

The Aneros Eupho has an ergonomic shape that slowly but irrevocably stimulates the prostate to new orgasmic and ejaculatory sensations. The gentle curves and clever design allow for a gradual build up of physical sensation to lead you to the next level or male orgasmic pleasure. Due to its advanced design, the Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager is best reserved for experienced users who have developed their technique.

3/4” diameter at tip, circ. = 2.355”
15/16” diameter at mid-ridge, circ. = 2.94”
1 3/4” from main body to perineum pressure point.

The world famous Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager is the perfect tool for male anal stimulation and prostate massage / progasm / P spot pleasure. Originally designed to relieve congested prostate fluid, this amazing anal massager induces powerful hands free male ejaculatory or dry orgasms with ease.

Created by scientists and medically tested, the Aneros Eupho is the only patented device of its kind and has been recommended and reviewed by numerous clinicians and publications worldwide. Ergonomically shaped to massage the prostate and perineum with self-pivoting accuracy, this male sex aid is made from high quality FDA approved materials for safe and healthy play every time.

The anal region has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings in the body, andnit's no wonder it's sometimes referred to as the male G-spot or P-spot. The Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager stimulates, circulates, and massages all the key components of the prostate region to bring about intense prostate-powered orgasms, which are also known as progasms. The Aneros Eupho is controlled by the internal and external sphincter muscles, whose contractions move it in harmony with your body.

As these contracts occur, the inserted shaft will rub its angled head against the prostate while the contoured shaft offers a comfortable and precise fit. The curved frontal abutment massages the perineum, applying subtle pressure to the area for double the stimulation. The spiral handle ensures easy insertion and removal but should not be used manually, as the Aneros Eupho is strictly automatic and will work simply by exercising the pelvic muscles.

The Eupho holds more medical patents than other Aneros prostate stimulation models and is more expensive because of its advanced specifications. It is designed to move with the muscles in the body through peristaltic motion.
Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager - For Medical Fetish / Progasm Sex Play
Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager
Online Price : $85.99
Buy High Quality ‘Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager’ Online For Medical Role Playing P-Spot / Progasm Pleasure

“I have come to think of the Aneros Eupho as my favorite Aneros prostate massager that I own. I also have a Helix, and MGX and a Peridise beginners set. While all of them have provided me with amazing sensations and prostate orgasms, the Eupho is the one I seem to grab the most often when I am really looking for an intense, hands free prostate orgasm. I should say that my own path to achieving mind blowing prostate orgasms took a few years, and I actually put the Eupho away for over a year in favor of my Helix and MGX. In the past few months, I have come to love my Eupho, and I think this comes from the fact that my PC / sphincter muscles have strengthened to the point to which I can fully appreciate the mobility of the Eupho. When I slide it in, I can immediately feel it nudging up against my P spot. I like to get down on my hands and knees initially, and let the Eupho dig deep and do its own thing fucking me. It feels amazing as it jams repeatedly into my prostate, making my dick rock hard as warm waves of pleasure shoot from my prostate and into the rest of my body. Eventually, I'll get on my back and put a pillow underneath the small of my back. At this point I will be having full on Super O's, and I'll start to see colors. Let's face it folks, I don't think there is another legal way to feel this fucking good! After a long session of prostate stimulation and wave upon wave of progasm pleasure I am probably the happiest man on earth. The Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager is a wonderful anal toy. It might take some time to experience any benefits, but you should be patient. Like I said, it took me a few years before I ever had a Super O, but I enjoyed it all along the way. If you have never tried any kind of prostate stimulation before, and you are curious, or ever wondered how awesome a g-spot orgasm is for a woman, then you should get an Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager!”

Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager For P-Spot Stimulation / Progasms And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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