Buy High Quality Pussy Pumping Products Online To Pump Up Your Whole Vulva Area - Pussy / Labia / Clitoris
Vagina Pumping Cylinders & Cups For A Puffy Pussy, Bigger Labia Lips, Tighter Penis Grip, More Pleasurable Sex
Vagina Pumping Products - Puffy Pussy, Enlarged Labia, Engorged Clitoris
Buy High Quality Pussy Pumping Products Online To Pump Up Your Whole Vulva Area - Pussy / Labia / Clitoris - And Enhanced Cameltoe Appearance

Pussy Pumping For Pussy Pride: Yes! Uninhibited and adventurous women who are confident with their own sexuality and are proud of their pussies like to pump too! The high quality vagina pumping products on sale here from JT’s Stockroom are designed to effectively pump the whole vaginal area creating a vacuum around the labia lips, vaginal opening and clitoris, thus increasing the flow of blood to this most intimate area of the female anatomy. The results are heightened sexual sensitivity, an increase in vulva, labia and clitoris size, and a fabulous cameltoe style pussy.

Pussy Pumping For Enhanced Pussy Pleasure: If you have never tried a pussy pump, you will be thrilled to discover just how much pleasure pumping offers. A pussy pump uses vacuum pressure to pump up your vaginal opening, labia lips and clitoris while at the same time exposing more of the highly sensitive female genitalia nerve endings to sexual contact. By drawing these sensitive nerve endings closer to the surface this will eventually lead to orgasms more powerful than you have ever encountered before.

Pussy Pumping For An Enhanced Cameltoe Appearance: A Cameltoe is the visible vaginal crack which appears on the crotch area of tight fitting jeans and swim wear. A Cameltoe is caused by the material slipping between the labia lips into the vaginal opening. Pussy pumping increases the size of the labia lips and promotes the enhanced Cameltoe appearance. In addition, many women report the increased sexual pleasure caused by a Cameltoe rubbing against the labia lips and clitoris while wearing tight fitting jeans, trousers, shorts or bikini bottoms.

Achieving A Puffy Pussy With Vagina Pumping: Vagina Pumping, also referred to as Pussy Pumping, is accomplished when enclosing the vulva or vagina with an egg shaped cup or cylinder that is attached to a vacuum pump via a hose attachment. By using the vacuum pump remove the air from around the vagina, thus creating a vacuum inside the cylinder. This causes a swelling of the whole vaginal area, including the labia lips and clitoris. By using a Vagina Pump regularly it is possible to permanently increase the size of your labia if that is your goal. Otherwise you will enjoy a more intense feeling during foreplay and sexual intercourse due to the increased blood flow to the vagina.

Some Tips for Successfully and Pleasurably Using your Vagina Pump

If this is your first time at pumping your pussy take it slow and gentle.
Don’t rush into pussy pumping right away. Give yourself a few minutes of foreplay to get the blood and juices flowing.
Try to wax or at least shave your pubic hair before you give pumping a go.
Use plenty of lubricant to get you an air-tight seal and good vacuum suction.
Make sure to close the labia lips of your vagina so as to keep the suction on the outside.
Start slowly with a few gentle pumps to get the cylinder to adhere to your vagina, then release and try again. Do this a few times before pumping more heavily.
Don’t over do it. I you have any discomfort release the pressure right away.
You should only use the Vagina pump for 15 to 20 minutes at a time if you use it longer you could cause a bad hickey and swell your vagina abnormally!
Most of all enjoy your new Vagina Pump to the fullest!

Vagina Pumping Cylinders And Cups For A Puffy Pussy, Bigger Labia Lips, Enhanced Cameltoe Appearance, Tighter Penis Grip, More Pleasurable Sex
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