Sounding 1 DVD - Raging Stallion Studios - Hardcore Fetish Series DVD

Sounding is the art of shoving steel rods down the cock hole. That's right, fucking the inside of your cock with urethral sounding rods. This is very intense stuff and the studs in this two-hour Sounding 1 DVD show you how to take cock stuffing to the extreme.

The first production in Raging Stallion’s new Hardcore Fetish Series, Sounding 1 DVD is not for the faint of heart, with plenty of fucking as well as some pretty intense CBT and bondage.

In the first scene pretty boys Derrick Hanson and Tony Bishop find a box full of wicked urethral sounds. Tony sticks a sound down his gaping pee hole, riding the rod, then Derrick and Tony fuck each other on a single, double ended sound. Finally, Derrick fucks Tony’s ass with his engorged cock while Tony lays on his back and fucks his own dick at the same time with a twelve inch long urethral sound.

In the second urethral sounding sex session, one sound is not enough for Anthony Drago and he sticks a second one in, then a third, until Anthony grabs Derek Da Silva and ties him up in four- point bondage. After what seems like hours of torture, Anthony takes his nine inch cock and fucks Derek stupid.

This superbly deviant Sounding 1 DVD is fetish footage at its very best - indeed, this film will go down as one of the best CBT movies ever filmed, pushing ethical and pornographic limits right to the edge. Don't miss it!"

Cast: Anthony Drago, Derek da Silva, Derrick Hanson, Tony Bishop

Director: Chris Ward & Ben Leon

Running Time: Approx. 2 hours

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Fetish         
Sounding 1 DVD - Raging Stallion Studios - Hardcore Fetish Series DVD
Sounding 1 DVD - Raging Stallion
Online Price : $59.99
Buy ‘Sounding 1, 2 and 3 DVDs’ Online For Explicit Urethral Sounding And Cock Stuffing Fetish Sex Pleasure
Hardcore Fetish Sounding 1, 2 and 3 DVDs Featuring Extreme Urethral Sounding And Cock Stuffing
Sounding 3 DVD - Raging Stallion Studios - Hardcore Fetish Series DVD

The tradition of explicit cock fucking from the inside continues with Sounding 3 DVD, the latest urethral sounding porn movie from Raging Stallion Studios, featuring well hung studs stuffing their cocks with cruel urethral sounding instruments.

The Sounding 3 DVD is  about guys fucking the inside of their cocks with steel rods and rubber dick dildos, and is without a doubt among the most extreme sex play you will ever see

Superstud Sky Devil has a nine inch cock and he takes about 12 inches of a urethral sound up his piss tube. He moves to thicker and thicker rods, while Samuel also fucks himself with steel rods and silicon sounds. The greatest moment of Samuel's act is when he takes a 16 inch long silicon sound and shoves the whole thing up his rock hard penis!

Finally, we have Billy Berlin and Lance Navarro in a scene where Billy works over Lance's huge man meat from top to bottom and from inside and out! This is some impressive sound play, with huge toys that fill a cockhole.

Cast: Sky Devil, Samuel Colt, Billy Berlin, Lance Navarro

Director: Ben Leon & Chris Ward

Running Time: Approx. 2 hours

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Fetish Force
Sounding 3 DVD - Raging Stallion Studios - Hardcore Fetish Series DVD
Sounding 3 DVD - Raging Stallion
Online Price : $59.99
Sounding 2 DVD - Raging Stallion Studios - Hardcore Fetish Series DVD

If you thought the Sounding 1 DVD from Raging Stallion Studios was deviantly over-the-top, wait until you see what they have cooked up this time! Their Sounding 2 DVD must be the most extreme urethral play movie ever made.

Of all the things you might be expected to utter while watching a porn movie, "Ouch" probably isn’t one of them. But most porn movies aren't anything like Sounding  2, the second entry in Raging Stallion's Hardcore Fetish Series. Sounding 1 was a playful, experimental, erotic introduction to the practice of sounding, aka cock stuffing or inserting objects into the urethra.

The Sounding 2 DVD is the next level of perversion up, consisting of two long cock stuffing scenes featuring special urethral sounding equipment and things you find around the house, including the handle of a pair of pliers. If you don’t bel;ieve us, just look at the DVD cover!

Luke Montana and DVD cover model Lee Dakota get things started with a make-out session before getting naked and jumping onto a king-sized bed with plenty of male sex toys at the ready. While Luke pushes a thick surgical steel rod into his cock, Lee clamps Luke's balls in a vice with transparent plates, crushing them into what looks like one big testicular pancake.

The pliers are next, and Lee sterilizes the handle before lubing it and - watch the DVD to find out! Luke is jerking off with the vise still clamped to his testicles. Another thick steel urethral sound follows the pliers, then Lee's little finger. This is all for real, because it is obvious that the studs are enjoying themselves and enjoying watching each other, and they are very relaxed, even though your own hairs may be on end and your blood pressure spiking.

With the set darkened, Lee inserts what appears to be a turkey baster into his cock, except that it is illuminated, causing the shaft of his penis to glow when the object is inserted.

For the finale, Luke binds his balls with a rope, inserts a sound and jerks off until he ejaculates. Lee simply jerk off the old-fashioned way, without props or toys.

Ty Hudson continues the course, with a sound that distends the shaft of his penis. He also has something that looks like a long gummi worm that he inserts into his urethra. Jake Deckard arrives to help stroke and they wrestling for a bit. Together, they insert a long surgical catheter all the way into Ty's bladder until urine pours forth, then Jake feasts on Ty's balls and ass and fucks him hard and deep.

The Sounding 2 DVD is a riveting movie. If you are a neophyte, you can't watch it, yet you can't avert your eyes.

Cast: Lee Dakota, Luke Montana, Ty Hudson, Jake Deckard

Director: Ben Leon

Running Time: Approx. 2 hours

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Fetish Force
Sounding 2 DVD - Raging Stallion Studios - Hardcore Fetish Series DVD
Sounding 2 DVD - Raging Stallion
Online Price : $59.99
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