Vibrating Urethral Sound - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

This high quality Vibrating Urethral Sound has amazing potential for intense cock stuffing pleasure. It is devious enough in its intended purpose, creating some intense urethral sensations, but it can also be used as a pinpoint vibrator, with all the fun and exploration that is only limited by your imagination.

This Vibrating Urethral Sound can be used in a nice or devious way! Use it to precisely stimulate almost any part of the body - both internally and externally. And when it is used as a urethral sounding device it delivers an unsurpassed cock stretching and stimulation experience. For the ultimate in sounding get the ultimate Vibrating Urethral Sound.

The makers have even heard excellent reports from satisfied customers who have used it on the female genitals too, for pinpoint clitoris stimulation. A versatile toy which is guaranteed to please!

This chrome-plated Vibrating Urethral Sound is 7 3/8" long while the insertable portion is approximately 4 1/8" long with a diameter of ¼". It has an impressive vibration due to it's solid metal construction. The vibration is activated by turning the on/off finger screw.

Runs on one AAA battery.

“This Vibrating Urethral Sound not only does its business when I insert it inside my cock, it also vibrates. I've used plain urethral sounds before but nothing like this. The sound is a good size for me. It fits perfectly inside me and makes my penis very hard. The vibrations make the experience even better. The only problem I have is that I come very fast and very hard, as if that's a problem. The ring at the end makes for easy retrieval or I add a weight to get extra stimulation. This is the highest quality urethral sound I've ever used. It vibrates which makes it even more enticing. I use it both externally and especially internally as a sounding device. It's amazing! It's packaged well and easy to use. I get the best cock stretching and stimulation from this sounding device. It gives me all the satisfaction I need. This is  
Vibrating Urethral Sound - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Vibrating Urethral Sound
Online Price : $77.95
Buy ‘Vibrating Urethral Sound’ Online For Role Playing Medical / BDSM / S&M Fetish Sex Pleasure
High Quality Medical Grade Vibrating Urethral Sound For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
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