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Buy High Quality Clamps And Spreaders Online - Medical Tools For Intimate Body Cavity / Gyno Examinations

Intimate Gyno Examinations As Part Of Medical Role Playing Can Be Embarrassing: Even in these modern times of uninhibited and extreme fetishistic sex, group sex and multiple penetration sex, some sexually adventurous women can feel embarrassed by the wide open leg exposure involved in a pelvic or gyno exam, even if this is conducted with a trusted sexual partner. Other women would never indulge in this kind of medical / gyno sex role playing as they would view the pelvic or gyno exam as an invasive indignity to their bodies. As the submissive patient or recipient in a medical role playing scenario involving the extreme exposure, stretching and internal examination of the vagina or anus, the best way to approach such a gyno exam is through discussion and trust, and to initially pretend this is a routine medical examination that just happens to take place in the vaginal or even anal area. It should be no more embarrassing than your annual overall physical checkup, and the steps involved are no more difficult than having your blood pressure recorded. What you and your partner do from there on depends on your mutual enjoyment once the initial barriers have been breached.

What Is A Gyno / Pelvic Examination: During a gyno / pelvic or OB/GYN exam, your legs will be spread wide and the doctor will visually and manually assess your genital area and reproductive organs. It is done as part of a woman's regular checkup, or it may be recommended if symptoms such as unusual vaginal discharge or pelvic pain present themselves. During a gyno / pelvic exam, the doctor checks your vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, rectum and pelvis, including your ovaries, for masses, growths or other abnormalities. During medical fetish role playing, naming of the intimate genital body parts is often part of the scenario.

Preparation For A Gyno / Pelvic Examination: No special preparation is required for a gyno / pelvic exam, although in the interests of hygiene it should be performed on a day when you don't have your period. You should also pee prior to starting, as a full bladder can cause discomfort during stretching and the more intimate parts of the examination session. The patient should start off naked under a suitable gown. Before performing the exam, as part of the role playing scenario the doctor will probably examine your breasts and nipples, and may even listen to your heart and lungs and perform a breast exam. The patient should lie comfortably on an examination table - use your imagination here -  on her back and the doctor will assist her in putting her feet in stirrups or opening them as wide as possible. The buttocks should be slid to the edge of the table in order for a full view of the vaginal and rectal areas being examined.

External Visual Gyno / Pelvic Exam: First, your doctor visually inspects your vulva, looking for irritation, redness, sores, swelling or any other abnormalities. The doctor describes what he or she is doing, so nothing comes as a surprise. In medical role playing sessions this will be more explicit and sexual, and even “dirty” talking. The first part of the examination involves visual inspection of the external genitalia. The examiner will note the characteristics of the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, urethral orifice, and the Skene's and Bartholin's glands. In addition, the perineum and anus will be checked. Unlike a real gyno / pelvic exam, there will be consideration of the amount of wetness secreted from the vagina, the erectness and sensitivity of the clitoris, accompanied by thrusting finger penetration of the vagina and anus.

Speculum Examination: In a real speculum examination, your body will be draped with a sheet and your feet placed in stirrups. Because good lighting is important, a lamp may be used during this inspection. A torch can be substituted during medical role playing sessions. Generally, the examiner will place an arm or elbow on your leg or thigh before touching the outer genitals. This is to avoid startling you, in which case your genital muscles might involuntarily contract and interfere with the examination.

Inserting The Speculum Or Spreader: A speculum or spreaderis an instrument which enlarges the vaginal opening and spreads the vaginal walls so that your real or role playing physician can see what is going on inside the vagina. The medical examiner will carefully insert the speculum or spreader into the vaginal entrance with one hand, while using the other hand to gently spread the labia. In real life, the type or size of the speculum or spreader depends on whether the patient is a virgin, has had children or is post-menopausal. In medical / gyno / pelvic exam role playing sessions the size of the speculum or spreader will depend on personal preferences and how much spreading the patient can bear. To avoid discomfort, the speculum or spreader is inserted slowly and at an angle. But if the recipient feels any distress or embarrassment you should get the doctor to adjust the speculum to make you feel more comfortable. In medical fetish role playing sessions the use of a safeword is often recommended.

Inspecting The Cervix: As it is gradually rotated, the speculum or spreader can be gently opened to expose the cervix - the neck of the lower uterus that connects it with the vagina. Again, this can be done with very little discomfort to the patient. By manipulating the speculum or spreader, the real or medical role playing doctor obtains a clear view of the cervix and can examine it for cysts, tears or other abnormalities.

Digital Gyno Examination: After gradually withdrawing the speculum or spreader, the examiner will carry out the digital examination. This is an internal probing examination with the fingers. Both hands are used - one internally and one externally on the abdomen. Wearing a glove, your physician inserts the index and / or middle finger of one hand into the vagina. In this way, the cervix can be palpated or felt for consistency, shape and position. The cervix may be moved from side to side to determine if it is tender to the touch. The upper vagina is explored for masses, tenderness, or distortion. During medical role playing sessions which include intimate gyno / pelvic probing, gloves may not necessarily be used, there will be digital thrusting to test the excretion of lubrication fluid from the vagina, as well as testing of clitoris sensitivity and the ability of the vaginal to  accommodate several fingers. Extreme digital examinations of the vagina can even include fisting. This practice, however, is only suitable for experienced gyno sex players.

Rectal Checkup And Examination: Your real or medical / gyno role playing physician may include a rectal or anal checkup as part of the intimate digital examination. If this is what you both feel comfortable about doing, just stay relaxed. The rectal examination follows naturally from the digital exam. Still wearing a glove, your doctor again inserts the index finger into the vagina. The middle finger - which has been well lubricated -  is gently and slowly inserted into the anal canal. By reaching further into the rectal canal, the examiner can also palpate the cervix and uterus. Rectal examinations ca, of course, also be conducted using specialist speculums and spreaders. The two golden rules about external and internal rectal / anal examinations are - use plenty of lubrication, and never ever use the same fingers, gloves or speculums / spreaders for both vaginal and anal examinations!

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