The Nurse's Diary DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price
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The Nurse's Diary DVD - Hardcore Naughty Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price
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Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “The Nurse's Diary” Hardcore Hospital Porn Movie On Re-Mastered DVD
Buy “The Nurse's Diary” DVD Online : Naughty Nurses Porn DVD - Cock Crazy Candy Stripers Porn DVD

Mark Dorcel’s The Nurse’s Diary aka Journal d'Une Infirmière is loosely after Ursula Andress' 1970s sexploitation teaser The Nurse, and with almost as much intrigue as Blake Edwards' A Shot In The Dark. The Nurse's Diary stars French porn superstar Laure Sainclair as the title medic in a hospital full of voyeurs, hypochondriacs and adulterers.

Beautifully captured on film, the ten hot sex scenes in The Nurse's Diary range from a parody of the opening of Goldfinger - with Sainclair dreaming of mish action in a spa with boss David Perry - to an imagined combat scene, with Anita Blond getting anally pounded by Pierre-Hervé Gustave and Reinhardt. Along the way, look out for Europorn stud David Perry getting it on in bed with Sainclair while wife Léa Martini frantically masturbates in the adjoining bathroom; Reinhardt taking Anita Blond from behind as her head pokes through a row of hedges; a terrific three girl lesbian sexfest with Martini and Blond pleasuring Sainclair with an orange; and Gustave looking up everyone's skirt with his remote-controlled, camera-mounted miniature jeep.

Europorn superstud David Perry emerges from a tub wearin a wet suit as the familiar James Bond riff plays in the background. Before you even have time to question what is going on, lovely Laure Sainclair is busy filling her mouth with his cock. The secret agent gives her a quick fuck and facial cumshot in what seems to be a fantasy sequence to start things off.

Don’t worry if the plot is somewhat contrived, because The Nurse’s Diary is Europorn, where the story never gets in the way of the sex action. Laure Sainclair is a nurse hired to care for the ailing mistress of the house. Two of the female occupants take off for a tennis match, but the pretty brunette stops off in the garage where she teases the handyman. He responds by licking at her exposed pussy and letting her know how tasty she is. Now in her tennis shoes and panties, she bends down to treat his rapidly rising cock to a tongue filled blowjob. The pretty girl sucks it in shallow strokes and licks the shaft like a lollipop. They are fucking on a chair that he has just painted so she ends up with some cool marks on her ass. A little touch,  but it adds something to the scene. After a single position fuck, he pulls out and shoots his cum all over her pretty ass.

Back at the house, Laure is finding out that there is a lot of repressed desire around. The son is busy sniffing panties from the hamper and the sick wife is being courted by a very insistent suitor. Panty boy has also rigged up a little camera on a radio controlled car so he can spy on the women of the house. There is some nice tease footage here, but he gets shut down when Laure closes her bedroom door.

After getting dressed up in a sexy medical outfit, the nurse lies back with a book and re-enters her fantasy world. IShe is a jewel thief who is about to make off with the loot when a man and woman (Anita Blonde) return home. While Laure watches from the rafters, the man takes the lovely Anita Blonde to the pool table where he begins to undress her. The scene moves quickly to doggy sex, and her great body and fantastic breasts make it even more enjoyable to watch. Anita’s tits are fantastic and as they fuck on the table, she shakes about invitingly. They catch Laure spying on them and  use her as a sexual plaything. They begin by cutting holes in her catsuit and the fun really begins. It’s a quick one position fuck that ends when the guy unloads all over her tight black suit, but there is some serious heat generated by these three performers.

The mistress of the house gets some news that her husband won’t be home for dinner. He is working late at the office, which in porn-speak means he is being fucked by a couple of horny chicks. They roll around in bed and David gives both women a good poke in their shaved pussies. After this, the blonde ets him fuck her in her tight ass. Finally, the women share a cum shot on their faces.

The next morning while his wife stares at herself in the mirror, David pulls Laure into bed and voraciously fucks her wonderful body.  She sucks and fucks him while he is telling his wife how much he still finds her attractive. With his wife masturbating and fingering her butt in the next room, he butt fucks her sexy nurse. There is a very nice facial before she scampers off.

In the garden, the lovely blonde wife finally gives in to her anxious lover. He tastes her pussy, but things really heat up when she drops to her knees and gives his cock the attention it deserves. He actually fucks her through the hedge and the anal sex is super hot, especially the sight of her tight, gripping asshole followed by a massive popshot.

All this sex has Laure’s mind racing again. This time she imagines being in a harem where she and the tennis woman both serve the mistress. All three are very pretty and a superb example of a hot lesbian three way.

We then go back to a sex scene with the wife. This time she starts out with a sexy striptease before dropping to her knees to suck on a cock. On her back, she enjoys a hard fuck that goes deep in her tight pussy hole. Before he can explode inside her body, the guy mounts her chest and starts fucking her wonderful tits until he ejaculates all over her tongue and boobs.

Laure’s sexual fantasies continue. This time she is thrown into the middle of a war. When she runs into a tent to escape the enemy, she finds herself at the mercy of two horny soldiers. This woman is totally gorgeous and a wonderfully slutty cock sucker. Each taking an end, the guys start stuffing her pussy and mouth with their erect cocks and our heroine just loves every pulsating inch of penile pleasure. An inspired touch is the sound of bombs going off while two guy fuck a stocking and heel clad whore. A nicely shot double facial brings Laure’s dream to an end.

Being in the same house with Laure is finally too much for panty boy. He sneaks a peek at her pussy then runs off to masturbate. Laure follows him into the bedroom and offers herself. Her body looks so good as she slowly peels her clothes off. No wonder this guy is so keen about sneaking peeks at her. She makes a ritual of sliding the condom on his cock and starts riding him. The visual of Laure doing anything is worth watching.

The plot of The Nurse’s Diary is thin and probably meant to be more humorous than it actually is, and all those dubbed-in British voices may sound strange to American ears, but the overall impact, both sexually and technically, is so good that it deserves its nomination for Best Foreign Feature

If you like watching gorgeous European women have uninhibited sex then you must buy The Nurse’s Diary. At least two of the actresses could be International supermodels!

Laure Sainclair is unbeilevably hot wearing her little white nurse's uniform, and the whole movie is packed with red hot sex action. Her best scene is the one where the head doctor works fucks her in almost every position imaginable and penetrates every one of her orifices. The Nurse's Diary is highly recommended.

Satisfy Your Naughty Nurse Fetish With “The Nurse's Diary” Hardcore Hospital Porn Movie On Re-Mastered DVD
Mark Dorcel’s The Nurse's Diary - Hardcore Nurse Porn DVD At Online Price

There's more to nursing than meets the eye, ear, nose and throat., as you will find out when you watch Mark Dorcel’s The Nurse’s Diary aka Journal d'Une Infirmière. If you thought medicine was a biring topic, you haven't seen the special care Laure Sainclair has to offer. And when she says "Say ah" she means it. The Nurse’s Diary proves that French porn is different. Marc Dorcel has built a reputation for creating some of the finest porn movies around, earning countless awards and accolades. The Nurse’s Diary features exotic newcomers, and French porn superstar Laure Sainclair. The Nurse’s Diary is superb Europorn.

Starring: Anita Blond, David Perry, Herve-Pierre Gustave, Karen Lancaume, Laure Sainclair, Lea Martini, Mike Foster
Director: Michel Barny
Studio: Marc Dorcel Productions
ONLY $24.95
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