The vaginal speculum, or gyno speculum as a lot of people call it, is a medical instrument, which is used by doctors and gynecologists to open a woman's vagina during internal examinations.

The vaginal speculum has always been a man's best friend and is extensively used as part of the equipment in many medical fetishes. Whether it be in role play for the amateur gynecologist or to open the vagina for activities like catheter play, stretching urethra or the insertion of sounds into the urethra (pee hole), the speculum plays a vital part.

Another important reason for owning a speculum is self examination.

As a woman you might like to know yourself what your vagina looks like inside, or you might like to have a peek at your cervix to find out when and if you are most fertile. There is no reason why you couldn't examine yourself with the help of a hand mirror and a flashlight.

Speculums (the correct plural is 'specula') come in different shapes and sizes.

How do I know which vaginal speculum to use?

The different shapes of speculums are named after their inventor. Most have a 'duckbill', two blades to open or stretch the vaginal walls apart, only the mechanism of operation separates the different models.

The 'Pederson' and 'Graves' models are some of the oldest designs and fairly similar in their operation. Both have a long and a short handle, by squeezing the two together, the blades will open. The more they are squeezed together, the more the bill will open and can be held open by a ratchet or thumbscrew. There is also a parallel adjustment for a smaller or larger outer vagina opening, as the blades will only open the vagina deep inside.

These two gyno speculums are good for general examinations or cervix inspection. They come in three sizes: small and narrow, medium and long and wide and can be manufactured from stainless steel or clear plastic (disposable). The stainless ones being much more expensive but can be washed and will last for ever.

The 'Collin' speculum is a much newer design and is more suited, if more access and a better view is required. Also this speculum seems to be preferred by women, being more comfortable as it has flatter and wider blades. It stretches the vaginal walls more gently. The 'Collin' has a very simple mechanism; just one wing screw opens the blades parallel. With other words it opens the vagina not only deep inside, but outside too. Another advantage is, that it leaves the upper part open with clitoris and pee hole in full unobstructed view. This would definitely benefit catheter play, stretching urethra or some other pee hole play or simply peeing.

The 'Trelat' speculum is the connoisseur's design of all specula. It allows the vagina to be stretched much wider at the entrance, by turning just one thumb screw. It opens completely parallel to about three inches; another thumb screw can then be used to open the inside of the vagina even more. Like the 'Collin', it leaves the clitoris and pee hole uncovered and unobstructed.

The Super Spec is probably the largest anal or vaginal speculum in the world, it opens to a staggering FIVE inches across, which means the circumference of the opening would be more than 15 inches. WOW! The opening of the viewing end of this speculum is so large, a mans fist could easily pass through.

Which size of vaginal speculum should I get?

There is a simple 'rule of thumb', and this is probably valid if you want to purchase a speculum for self examination or if your partner wants to be an amateur gynecologist. If you can insert one finger into your vagina and it feels just comfortable but two fingers feel too tight, you should buy the small size. If two fingers feel just right, get the medium size. Able to take more than two fingers? Get the large one.

I hope you are not forgetting the lubrication, K-Y jelly or a similar water soluble lube is perfect. Do not use any 'petroleum jelly', as it can't be washed out and it can lead to all sorts of complications.

Be considerate to yourself or your partner and warm the speculum under warm water to near body temperature.
Medical Fetishism Pleasure - All You Want To Know About The Vaginal Speculum And Role Playing Gyno Exams
What Is A Vaginal Speculum - Gyno Speculum Fetish Facts And Information - Gyno Examinations
What Is A Vaginal Speculum - Gyno Speculum Fetish Facts And Information
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