Buy ‘Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant’ Online For Easier Vagina And Clitoris Vacuum Pumping Sex Pleasure
Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant By Sensuous Beauty For More Effective Vagina And Clitoris Suction Pumping
Vulva Balm By Sensuous Beauty - For Pussy Pumping, Clitoris Enlargement And Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

Vulva Balm - Sensuously fragrant lubricant for your other lips.

Vulva Balm - The ideal lubricant to use on the vagina, labia lips, clitoris and clitoral hood to provide a perfect seal during clitoris and pussy vacuum pumping sessions.

Vulva Balm - The perfect moisturizer when shaving pubic hair from the vaginal area.

Vulva Balm - The classic lubricant to promote extra vaginal moisture for enhanced solo or mutual masturbation, sex toy play, foreplay and penetrative sexual intercourse.

Vulva Balm - Formulated for women suffering from vaginal dryness due to menopause or other hormonal shifts,

Vulva Balm - Can be used daily or as needed for soothing, moisturizing relief, or just to enjoy the luscious scents.

This luxuriously moisturizing Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant, infused with organic and natural ingredients, is delicately fragranced for sensual enhancement. It is a great way to keep your vulva moisturized. Available in many scents, there is sure to be one that will impress you.

With ingredients like organic sunflower oil, wildcrafted cocoa butter, and vitamin E, Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant makes an excellent anytime moisturizer, but is especially suited for keeping lovemaking slippery and sensual. Please note, however, that Vulva Balm is not latex-friendly and can't be used with condoms.

Ideal for keeping by your bedside for gentle moisturizing or lightly perfuming your most intimately sensual places. Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant is a real treat for sensual women. It can be used:

Purely to make yourself feel good;
To prevent or reduce dry lips (because no one wants those);
To assist with masturbation;
As a lube if it gets you aroused to the point of wanting more.

Applying Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant to your labia lips is a whole new level of decadence. Unscrewing the tub, swirling your finger across the surface of the balm to coat the tip, then sliding your deliciously slippery finger across your vulva – down one side, up the other, teasing across the clitoris. And then, going back for more..
Buy ‘Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant’ Online For Easier Vagina And Clitoris Vacuum Pumping Sex Pleasure

Vulva Balm from Sensuous Beauty is a moisturizing balm for those other lips - the very private ones. If you find you don’t like using it down there, you can apply Vulva Balm to other body areas you feel need a bit more moisturizing. I find it great to use during that time of the month because I can get a little dry around my vaginal area since I don’t use pads. You can use it Vulva Balm and around the labia, directly on the clitoris, or any place that feels dry.

It is perfect for soothing the skin after you have shaved your pubic hair, and it is the perfect product to provide a seal if you are into clitoris or pussy pumping.

I chose to get the Rapturous Rose scent, but you can also get it in Violet Flower or Gypsy Jasmine. Vulva Balm comes in a 1.25 ounce jar, but a little dab of balm goes a very long way, so it should last you a long time.

Vulva Balm contains safe, all natural ingredients. As listed, they are: Organic sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E oil, alkanet-infused olive oil and pure rose otto. It is clycerin free, L-Arginine free, paraben free, andpetro-chemicals free, so it is very safe to use, but do not use it inside the vagina.

If you think you might have reactions to any of the ingredients, then Vulva Balm is not for you. It is oil based, so you’ll want to avoid getting this on latex condoms.

Vulva Balm Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Vulva Balm is silky smooth, and has the same consistency as most lip glosses. Once you start to move it around with your finger, it will start to get creamy. In hot temperatures, the balm will become runny and too thin to manage. It is best kept at room temperature, so it doesn’t liquefy. It absorbs in the skin without feeling sticky or greasy.

Vulva Balm Taste / Aroma

The Rapturous Rose scent is absolutely beautiful. It smells very strong when you open the jar, but no fear, once you apply it, the whole room won’t notice. The balm absorbs quickly, but the Rapturous Rose scent lingers for about an hour.

Vulva Balm Performance

The balm is very easy to apply. Just rub your finger around, and you should be able to pick up enough balm to glide over wherever you want it. A tiny dab will cover a large area. Since it is so smooth, it spreads around very nicely. It doesn’t leave behind any residue, so I don’t feel as if I need to wash it off.

Vulva Balm Product Packaging

Vulva Balm comes in a very generous 1.25 ounce jar that should last a long time, even with frequent use. The top easily twists off and you can apply any amount you desire.

The jar is not discreet since it clearly tells you what it’s for, so keep it hidden away if you don’t want anyone to see it. I doubt it would get a second glance if it was in a makeup bag. Just make sure to keep it out of very warm places.

Vulva Balm Usage Experience

I use it on various parts of my body, and it makes my skin feel extremely soft. I love the Rapturous Rose scent, but I will try out the other scents to see what they are like. I recommend this for anyone with dry skin, and want to give it that extra feeling of softness.

Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant By Sensuous Beauty For More Effective Vagina And Clitoris Suction Pumping
Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Vulva Balm Vaginal Lubricant
Online Price : $19.99
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