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Elbow Grease Lube
147 - Elbow Grease Original Cream Lube Pail - For Medical Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Buy High Quality ‘Medieval Pinwheel’ Online - Authentic Neurological Instrument For Medical  Role Play Pleasure
Medical Grade Medieval Pinwheel For Realistic Medical / Sensory / Nerve Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
Medieval Pinwheel - For Medical / Sensory Fetish Sex Play Pleasure

The Medieval Pinwheel is a heavy steel instrument instrument of medical-style torture that looks like it belongs in the hand of a knight in armor. Weighing in at nearly 1/3 lb, its heft can sink the cone-shaped spikes on the large, round roller ball into the skin with significant pressure, though the spikes are not needle-sharp, in order to prevent injury.

Create spine tingling sensations with this wicked medieval version of the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel. This sensation play Medieval Pinwheel has evenly spaced radiating sharp points which stimulate the nerves when rolled across the skin. Titillating and exciting when used creatively.

Medieval Pinwheel Dimensions

Length is 7 inches (17.8 cm)
Circumference of wheel is 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Weight is 0.312 pounds (5.0 oz)

Medieval Pinwheel Safety, Care, & Usage

Please sterilize carefully after each use. Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water or use a disinfectant to clean properly.
Buy High Quality ‘Medieval Pinwheel’ Online - Authentic Neurological Instrument For Medical  Role Play Pleasure

“This Medieval version of the Wartenberg Wheel is wickedly cruel. At the business end of this device is a heavy ball with enough spikes to provide you plenty of nerve tingling sensation play And that's really the reason that I adore my Medieval Pinwheel. It is meant to be rolled along the skin by a lover - if you are both into medical style pain and pleasure sensation play - with varying pressures to test the response of your nerves. Steadily rolled down your arm, thigh, breast, genital area, buttocks or even the cheek of your face by a steady hand this Medieval Pinwheel can feel as mild as a smoothly filed fingernail tracing your flesh or as rough as the spikes on a medieval instrument of torture. I love having this moved over my back, my buttocks and thighs until I'm covered with goose bumps, my nipples are hard and I'm panting dor some proper penetration you know where! This kind of sensation teases, leaves you desperate, starved for more contact. It's a perfect way to slowly warm up to a perfect back rub, or a wonderful way to torture and deprive your little submissive patient. Of course, there's a reason why this Medieval Pinwheel looks as mean as it does. It certainly can be mean under the direction of a cruel master, and if sharp, pinching pain is the kind that gets you doing then you'll love this wheel. It's tips will leave rows of little red bumps if the Medieval Pinwheel is applied with medium pressure, and with hard enough pressure you may even draw blood. Because it's difficult to draw blood by pressing straight down this can be used for relatively safe genital torture. I love to run this Medieval Pinwheel over my partner's scrotum with a moderate amount of pressure and watch him squirm. Be advised that when dealing with sensitive areas you must take extreme caution and use a very careful hand. If you slip and drag the teeth across the skin instead of pressing straight down you can get some very nasty scratches.”

“I had never seen anything quite like this Medieval Pinwheel before. It reminds me of a pastry cutter for some reason, but it’s actually inspired by a real a medical device designed by Dr. Wartenberg. The spikes test nerve reactions as the wheel rolls along skin. While the spikes look severe, they are not designed to actually break the skin. I’m sure they could if somebody pressed hard enough, but the severity of stimulation is entirely up to the user. This is a fun medical style instrument to tease with. I find that different body areas respond with varying sensitivity to the wheel rolling along my skin, which is pretty cool to play with. It’s great for sensory play and teasing, so it’s an ideal toy to use during foreplay. I think a Medieval Pinwheel makes a nice step up from feather ticklers, and since it’s so small, storage is no problem. This is something I probably would never have thought I’d enjoy, but I am so glad I got to try it. It’s certainly something new for me, and I look forward to playing with it more.”

Medical Grade Medieval Pinwheel For Realistic Medical / Sensory / Nerve Fetish Role Playing Pleasure
Online Price : $30.00
Medieval Pinwheel - For Medical / Sensory Fetish Sex Play Pleasure
Medieval Pinwheel
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